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When you schedule a Zoom meeting, it’s expected that everyone will show up to the meeting on time. This expectation applies whether the meeting is being held in person or remotely. If you only have a small number of meetings to remember and they’re not scheduled too far in the future, then it’s easy to keep track of your meetings. Keeping a manual track of your meetings can get a lot more difficult if you have a busy schedule. This busy schedule significantly increases the risk that you forget about a meeting or can’t find the right invite link when you need it.

While the Zoom client has a meeting calendar built-in, this won’t help you if you don’t look at your meeting schedule. While you could copy scheduled meetings into your preferred calendar app, you can also configure Zoom to notify you before a meeting starts.

How to Create Zoom Meeting Reminders

To configure Zoom to send you reminder notifications about your upcoming meetings, you need to go into Zoom’s settings. Now, click on your user icon in the top-right corner, then click on “Settings.”

To access Zoom’s settings, click on your user icon, then on “Settings” in the dropdown menu.

Once in the settings, tick the checkbox labeled “Remind me [x] minutes before my upcoming meetings,” where “[x]” is a dropdown box containing a number. The dropdown box is locked until you tick the checkbox to enable meeting reminders. Once you’ve enabled the setting, you can then use the dropdown box to configure how much warning you want for your meetings. You can choose between receiving a reminder five, ten, or fifteen minutes before meetings are due to start.

Tip: If you click in the dropdown box’s text area, you can technically enter your own values too; the only restriction is that you can only enter two digits, and you can only use the numbers 0, 1, and 5. Besides entering the already configured options, you can also manually specify a one, eleven, fifty, fifty-one, or a fifty-five-minute reminder instead. To double-check that your custom reminder period has been saved correctly, close the settings, and then open them again. If your custom value is still present, it is saved and used.

Tick the “Remind me [x] minutes before my upcoming meetings” checkbox in the “General” settings tab. Then use the dropdown box to set how much warning you want.

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