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YubiKey Bio Will Turn Your Fingerprint Into a Security Key

Two Yubikeys, one in USB-A the other in USB-C, with fingerprint sensors, laid on a fingerprint patterned background.

If securing your accounts is a top priority, you’ll want to enable extra options like two-factor authentication and security keys. Yubico is one of the leading names in the security key games, and now its latest YubiKey model turns your fingerprint into a key to all your passwords.

Yubikey Bio will work a lot like most security keys. When you want to unlock an account, you connect the Yubikey then provide a PIN. It’s that combination of info and hardware that proves you should have access to your passwords.

But Yubikey Bio lets you skip the PIN, though you’ll still set one up. Instead, you’ll touch the fingerprint sensor to unlock your accounts. That should be faster and easier than remembering the PIN, but if your fingerprint fails for any reason, you can input the PIN as a backup.

Yubico plans to offer the Yubikey in both USB-A and USB-C forms, so it should be compatible with most devices—even newer MacBooks. Unfortunately, the company didn’t announce a launch date just yet. Instead, it has a sign-up page where you can learn more information as soon as the company is ready to tell us more.

Or you can keep an eye on the news here; we’ll let you know when there’s more to learn.

Source: Yubico

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