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YouTube Comments not Loading? Fix it Now!

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Sometimes, going through the comments is far more interesting than the YouTube video itself. For this reason, some people get irritated, and even frustrated when they notice that the comment section of a Video is not loading/showing the comments, thus resulting in the YouTube comments not loading error.

If you are experiencing this problem, that is YouTube comments is not loading/showing, then here are what you can do to fix this problem.

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Fix 1: Wait – YouTube Developers will fix it.

There have been reports that users experience the YouTube comments not loading error because, YouTube developers are currently trying to implement a new feature or doing their regular site maintenance.

If this is the case, the only option is for you to wait till the developers re-enable the YouTube comments feature. When they do, comments will start loading and showing.

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Fix 2: Refresh the YouTube Video Page

As you may have noticed, when you open a YouTube video page, the content of the comment section is usually among the last things that get displayed.

This is because, the priority when a YouTube video page is opened is, buffering the video, so that you will not experience interruptions during play time. As a result, it could be that when it got to the point of loading the comments, your internet network speed dropped, and thus comment loading was canceled automatically.

To fix this, all you need to do is to Refresh the YouTube Video Page.

Simply click on the Refresh button on your browser, or hit the Windows + R keys on your keyboard. Windows + R is the shortcut keys for Refreshing a webpage on virtually all desktop browser.

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Fix 3: View the Video on Incognito Mode

Incognito or Private Mode is a feature that enable you to use a web browser in it fresh state, as if you just installed it.

If you are experiencing the YouTube comments not loading error because of a problem in your browser and you do not want to take any action against the browser, then viewing the YouTube video page again when on Incognito Mode will fix the issue.

To open the Incognito Mode press the Windows + Shift + N keys on your keyboard together. In some browser like Mozilla Firefox, the shortcut key is Windows + Shift + P, and it is called Private Mode not Incognito Mode.

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Fix 4: Clear the Browser’s Data

As mentioned earlier, your browser might be the culprit why you are experiencing the YouTube Comments not loading error.

To fix this, you will need to clear the browser’s Cache, Cookie, and sometimesincluding the History.

Use Windows + Shift + Delete keys on your keyboard, as shortcut keys to bring out the Clear Browsing Data dialog box. In the Time range section, you should choose either the Last Two Hours or Last Four Hours, or the one closest to when you notice the comment not loading error.

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Fix 5: Disable Browser Extensions (especially Ad Blockers)

Malfunctioning or out-of-date extensions can cause you to have issues when surfing the internet. Thus, if you notice you started having the YouTube comments not loading error after you installed a plugin, or after you ignored a notice to update a plugin, either disabling or updating the plugin in question might be all that is needed to fix the issue with YouTube comments you are having.

Know also that ad blocker extensions are notorious for preventing sections of a webpage from loading. So, if you have them enabled when you experiencing the YouTube comments not loading error, consider disabling them for the time being.

Many users have reported that disabling Ad Blockers was all they did in order to fix the YouTube comments not loading error they were experiencing.

Alternatively, you can Reset your browser. Doing this will disable all extension/add-ons, clear cache and cookie. Your browsing history, bookmark, saved logins etc. will still be there.

Fix 6: Update your Browser

Above, I said “out-of-date extensions can cause you to have issues when surfing the internet.” The same goes with out-of-date web browsers.

So, if you notice your browser needs an update, then update it. And do not forget to relaunch the browser after you have finished updating it. Without relaunching the browser, the new update will not take effect, and thus, you will still be stuck with the old browser version that is preventing YouTube comments from loading.

Fix 7: Disable Proxy/VPN

It is true that Proxy or VPN is great for keeping you anonymous on the internet. But the fact is, most times, Proxy or VPN server throttle/slow down your internet speed, and thus will not make some website you access load properly. And there is no exception to the YouTube website.

So, if you are using a Proxy or VPN when you started having the issue where YouTube comments is not loading, disable the Proxy/VPN. That will fix the issue.

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