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WordPress Multisite Network | What and How to Activate it.

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Multisite also as network site, is a feature in WordPress that enables you to create multiple blogs under one domain.

If you are an fervent you can Google services, you will notice that all of their service share one common domain –


Google ServicesWebsite address (domain)

and the list goes on.

With WordPress multisite network, you now have the ability to do some thing similar.

A Pro of WordPress Multisite Network Feature

Let say you run a news blog and also post tutorials, guides, tips and others.

These other posts (the tutorials, guides, tips and others) of yours can get lost to visitors, because news post as we all know it, can be 99.99% of the post in your blog, since they are easier to write.

But with WordPress Multisite network feature, this can be avoided.

How to Activate the WordPress Multisite Network Feature.

As of the time am writing this post, there is no one button in the Settings of your blog admin page that can do this task. However, I will make the step quite simple, so you can follow along.

What you need

  • Access to the Control Panel (cPanel) of your web host.
  • Little knowledge on how to edit files in your cPanel
  • Access to the Administrator section of your blog.

Step 1

Open the cPanel of your web host and locate the wp-config.php file, the open to edit it.

/* Multisite */
define( 'WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true );

In the wp-config.php file (after you have opened it for editing), copy the code above and paste it above the line where it says /* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */

Save the changes you just made.

Step 2

Open a new tap and sign into your WordPress blog as the Administrator.

In the left navigation menu, scroll down to the Plugins option, hover your mouse on it and click on Installed plugins. Select all the plugins and deactivate them all.

Still in the left navigation menu, scroll down to the Tools option, hover your mouse on it and click on Network setup.Hover on Tools and click on Network Setup

In the Network setup page, you will be asked to decide how you want the url of the new site to be, choose Sub-domain if you want the url to be like or choose Sub-directory if you want it to be like

But in some cases, WordPress would decide for you.

You will also be asked to fill in the name of the Network Site and also the admin email of the Network site as shown it the screenshot below. Wen you are through click on the Install button.

Network site setup page
picture credit iconWPBegginer

Step 3

After you are through with Step 2, WordPress will show you two codes which you will need to add to the config.php and .htaccess file found in cPanel of your web host.

picture credit iconWordPress

The code you are to put in the config.php file should be please under the one you added in step 1.

And you are set. You now have a multisite WordPress blog. So enjoy.

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