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Wondershare Filmora X Video Editor Review [2021 Honest Hands-on]

Color Match

Color matching is yet another new feature brought in version 10, and in terms of importance, it goes somewhere near motion tracking, since this effect can truly mean the difference between an amateur and a professional video.

Stitching together several clips together will now seem seamless once you use this new feature to match the colors accordingly.

There are plenty of color parameters that can be fine-tuned, like white balance, color enhancement, or 3D LUT.

Thankfully enough, you get to preview every single change you make, which is indeed a time saver as the tool does need a bit of practice getting used to.

Audio Ducking

If you want to create videos where dialogue is an important element, then this tool will let you automatically fade music so that the words will be easier to comprehend.

This neat tool will probably make social media users flock towards Filmora X, since their videos are usually ones that consist of them talking into the camera, with the occasional background music causing disturbance.

The tool itself was very easy to use, and I managed to reduce background music from a video with 2 clicks and by moving a slider.

There are, however, some limitations from what we saw, since audio ducking doesn’t seem to be all that efficient if the background music is very lyric-predominant, such as rap or hip-hop, but the difference is minor.

Silence Detection Add-on

This tool is something we were really interested in trying once we read about it in the changelog, especially since awkward moments of silence are especially bad for presentation videos.

In simple terms, this tool lets you automatically crop out moments of silence or of low volume out of videos.

All you need to do is select a video that has audio, and then input the parameters that need to be followed, such as minimum silence duration, the volume threshold for the silence to be considered silence, and the softening buffer for transitioning between cropped segments.

Keep in mind that this feature needs to be purchased separately, and that it is only available to those of you that have Wondershare Filmora version 10.1.6 and above, so make sure you constantly update it.

One great thing about this addon is that it too can be tested during a free trial period, allowing you to detect silence in your clips, and preview what will be removed.

However, you can only download the edited segments once you purchase the additional subscription.

This feature is still in Beta phase, but so far so good it seems to behave quite well.

Plain Text & Advanced Title Editing

They made it easier for users to change the position, rotation, and scale of a title on the player, and these improvements extend to plain text within videos as well.

Choose from a wide variety of fonts, rotate your texts, animate them, zoom in or add special effects to them, all from within a simplified menu that’s a mere click away.

Keyboard Shortcuts Editor

This one is pretty self-explanatory, as editing, or performing pretty much any other task for that matter, is much easier when you use key-bindings.

While It did take us a good couple of minutes to get used to the key bindings and learning them, once we did, editing our videos went incredibly fast and smooth, and we felt like actual video editors ourselves.

New UI and switch dark/light mode

With or without keybindings, video editing is something that can take up a good chunk of your time, depending on the magnitude of the project, so looking into the screen for extended periods of time becomes a problem.

Well, Filmora’s latest major update fixed this with the introduction of a dark theme, allowing your eyes to rest better, especially when you’re editing videos while burning the midnight oil.

Wondershare Filmora X – a price plan for every pocket

Filmora X is available in a free version as well, and while many of you may be used to free versions of video editors that are full of restrictions in terms of access time or available features, this doesn’t apply here.

The free version of Wondershare Filmora X is available for an unlimited amount of time, grants you access to all of its features and tools, and there is no limit to how big the videos can be when using it.

The only limitation, which is quite understandable (and amazing for being just the one) is the fact that all exported videos will have a watermark applied to them.

This unlimited access to all the power that Filmora has to offer is a great way of letting users know what they can truly do with the product, and also lets them better judge whether the investment is worth it or not.

Speaking of investments, Wondershare Filmora X is available in 3 different plans:

The first two plans are identical in terms of what they offer, and that is access to all the features, no watermark, and free tech support.

That being said, it is solely up to you whether you want to pay a larger amount of cash upfront and have the license forever or pay less on a regular basis.

However, those of you that truly want the full power of Wondershare Filmora X should go for the Bundle subscription plan, since they also get unlimited downloads from the Filmstock Standard library, and access to every new effect added to the program, which is usually added monthly.

Wondershare Filmora X

Wondershare Filmora X

Powerful for advanced users, accessible to beginners, Wondershare Filmora X has it all!

Intuitive interface, great learning curve, and more

Once you are done installing the program, using it will be next to a piece of cake, since the interface is optimized in such a way that even beginners will get a hang of it in no time at all.

Of course, this can still prove challenging for some, and Filmora comes with plenty of built-in tutorials that are meant to show the user around the interface, familiarizing him with all the tools that are at his disposal.

In fact, Wondershare took extra steps in creating these tutorials, to the point where they designed them to be interactive, engaging, and even rewarding, by designing them to look and feel like challenges with rewards at the end.

These challenges cater to users of all levels, and they are separated based on their difficulty in different categories:

  • Get Started
    • Grants you a free video effect pack
  • Advanced Challenge
    • Grants you 7 days of access to the Filmstock Standard Library
  • Get Creative
    • Not exactly a set of challenges, but it grants access to their online libraries of tutorials.

Completing these challenges are actually quite rewarding, so even if you know how to use the program already, not taking advantage of the extra freebie would be a shame.

Once you’ve passed this phase and have truly accustomed yourself to what Filmora can offer, you can finally appreciate what a vast toolset it provides users.

Not only does the smooth interface keep the elements and buttons to a minimum, but one can also appreciate the smoothness and responsiveness of the program itself.

Besides, you have an entire library of elements that you can use to enhance your videos, such as:

  • Audio samples
  • Title editing
  • Transition effects
  • Video effects
  • Graphical elements
  • Split-screen templates

All of these total in the hundreds, and the only true limits of what you can do with the videos is strictly tied to your imagination.

Of course, you also have access to the more basic tools, such as video trimming, cropping, or resizing, but these have become somewhat standard to all video editors.

Closing thoughts on Wondershare Filmora X

Available as a free version with pretty much no restriction
Great for both beginners and advanced users
Constantly updated with new effects
Interactive tutorials with rewards
Smooth and intuitive interface
The cost of their subscription make the Perpetual plan seem like the obvious choice

As far as we’re concerned, Wondershare Filmora X does justice to its previous incarnations, and the program did manage to reinvent itself in a way that makes buying it worthwhile.

Of course, you don’t need to take our word for it, simply go and download the free version, try it, and see for yourself whether the program truly has everything you need or not.

Have you tried Filmora X yet? If so, let us know what you think about it by leaving us your feedback in the comments section below.

This post was written by Teodor Nechita and was first posted to WindowsReport

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