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Wondershare FamiSafe [Review]

Besides keeping your child’s obsession at bay, this feature can also block inappropriate apps that contain age-restricted content from your child, keeping his mental state safe.

How to use the App Blcker feature on Windows

  1. On the Parent Device, tap Features.
  2. Tap App Blocker.
  3. Select which app you’d like to block and Toggle the switch beside it.
  4. Tap Advanced Rules to set specific types of rules and limits.
  5. In order to set a Restriction schedule, choose the start and end times.
    • Turn on the Repeat toggle and select on which days to apply the restriction.
  6. Set a Time limit that will decide how much time your children spend using certain apps.
    • Turn on the Repeat toggle and select which days will be affected by this time limit.

Screen Time

Thanks to the Screen Time feature gives you access to a detailed graph containing your child’s screen time. This means you can see how much time he spends on his device, what apps he uses the most, and when he does it.

This helps you set certain schedules and make sure your child follows them. You’ll find out if they spent their time playing or watching videos instead of doing their daily chores.

How to use Screen Time

  1. On the Parent Device, tap Features.
  2. Tap on Screen Time.

  3. Tap Block Device to get more options.
  4. To block the device’s screen, tap Block Device.
  5. To set a time limit, tap Screen Time limit, then set your time intervals.
    • Tap Repeat and if you want the time limit to be in effect for multiple days.

Browser History

Browser History lets you track the websites your children have visited. You will be able to see the entire history and make sure that your child isn’t accessing illegal or dangerous sites.

In addition, you can also block the sites as well, so you won’t have to worry about them randomly popping up while your child is browsing the internet.

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How to use Browser History

  1. On the Parent Device, tap Features.
  2. Tap Browser History.
  3. You can scroll and see all the visited websites.
  4. If you wish to block a website, tap on the Lock icon on the right.
  5. Tap or to switch between the days.
  6. Tap the Calendar icon to select specific dates.

Website filter

Filter inappropriate websites with the Website filter feature. FamiSafe allows you to deny access to whichever sites you wish in order to keep your children safe from age-restricted content that could mentally scar them.

This feature will also show you what your children are browsing and searching on the internet. You will get a list with the date and time of all of their searches.

How to use the Website Filter

  1. On the Parent Device, tap Features.
  2. Tap Web Filter.

  3. On Categories, toggle the website categories you would like to be blocked.
  4. Under the Exceptions, tap Add an Exception to add a specific site.
  5. Type the address of the site that you want to allow or block.

Smart Schedule

You can set up a certain schedule to block specific apps at set time intervals, so you can block the apps only during school or nighttime.

This will help your children concentrate during important times, and keep their minds off of games or other distractions when they need to sleep. Your children will be rested and fully focused.

How to use the Smart Schedule

  1. On the Parent Device, tap Features.
  2. Tap Smart Schedule.
  3. Tap Add Smart Schedule.
  4. Write a name for your Schedule.
  5. Choose when it starts and when it ends.
    • Toggle Repeat if you want to select certain days when it will be in effect.

Here are some other of FamiSafe’s features

Location Tracking

Location Tracking lets you view your child’s real-time location on a map, so you know where they are at all times. Besides, the app also shows you where they have been, giving you a history of their past locations.

You can create special locations and perimeters on the map, called Geo-Fences, such as School or Home. If your child ventures out of their set perimeter, you will get notified so you can take action quickly.

Driving History Report

If your child has a driving license and you’re worried about their safety due to reckless driving, FamiSafe’s Driving History Report will show you a graph with details of their trip.

You can see their average, max, and min speed, their route, stops, and how long they drove the car. You can use all this information to prevent accidents and stop them from making a habit out of reckless driving.

Suspicious photo detection

Shelter your children from inappropriate content and possible exposure to child pornography with this very useful feature.

FamiSafe will automatically detect nude selfies and adult content that is inappropriate for underage children, then send instant alerts to you so you can intervene.

Suspicious text detection

The constant exposure to social media can possibly affect your child’s mental state.

Make sure they are safe and prevent such atrocities from happening by setting offensive words and receive alerts whenever they pop up on your children’s device.

How do you set FamiSafe up?

  1. Create an account on their official website.
  2. Download the app.
  3. When asked Who uses this device?
    • Select Parent on the device you’ll use to control the others.
    • Select Kid on the monitored device.
  4. On the Parent device:
  5. Type in your login credentials.
    • Go to the App’s Features section and start setting it up the way you want to.
  6. On the Kid’s device:

The app needs to be installed on a phone to serve as the main control device. Afterward, install it on other devices you want to be monitored. To connect these devices, you just need to log in with the same account.

What is the pricing?

FamiSafe comes with a free 3-day trial to try out the app on Google Play and App Store so, to get free trial of FamiSafe, parents should download the Windows version from their websites and the mobile app from either Google Play or the App Store

  • Monthly Plan: $9.99 billed monthly, protecting up to 5 devices with all features included
  • Annual Plan: $59.99 billed yearly (about $4.99/month), protecting up to 30 devices with all features included
  • Quarterly Plan: $19.99 billet quarterly (about $6.66/month), protecting up to 10 devices with all features included


Protecting, monitoring and keeping your children safe has never been easier with FamiSafe

Closing thoughts

All of its features are great for monitoring
Constantly updated
Multiple price plans
Free trial for those who are unsure
GPS tracking is working flawlessly
Interactive and easy-to-use interface
Compatible with multiple platforms
The website filter could use some improvement because it sometimes blocks safe pictures
The software can be paused from within the monitored device with no safety measure
The text filter needs improvement as well

Overall, FamiSafe is a good parenting software that has all the features you need to keep your children safe. We did, however, find some inconvenience when testing out the text and photo filters.

We strongly believe that the developer team is constantly working to improve these features, and in time, they will be even more polished. The pricing plans are pretty diverse and affordable as well.

We’ve reviewed lots of products from Wondershare in the past, and they always pleased us, therefore, we recommend at least trying out the product and letting us know what you think about it in the comment section below.

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