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Windows 11 Build 22449 Features.

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3 days ago, on the 2nd of September, Microsoft announces the release of the first build for both the Dev Channel and Windows Insider users. This is the Windows 11 Build 22449.

Below, I will be outlining the major features that this build brings.

Windows 11 Build 22449 Features.

There are a total of 9 new features that this new build brings. They are:

Boot Screen Animation

In the Windows 11 Build 22449 update, the boot screen have be changed to shows a progressive ring animation instead of an animated circle of dots.

Microsoft says its engineers are “working to replace this animated circle of dots in other areas of the OS over time.”

Bluetooth Settings Accessibility.

With this build, tuning your device Bluetooth off or on is not the only thing you will be able to do from the Quick Settings panel.

Now, when you right-click on the Bluetooth icon, you can select the Settings option to open the main Bluetooth & Devices page in Settings.

Windows Startup Sounds

Previously, after Windows finish installing a scheduled update, it will play a sound after restarting your computer. This is a great feature if you are awake waiting for the update to finish.

However, because most users schedule their Windows update to be installed at night, this startup sounds can become an unsolicited alarm.

So, in the Windows 11 build 22449, Microsoft have remove the Windows startup sound for scheduled update installations.

Now, you can schedule your update installation at night and sleep with peace of mind.

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Touch Keyboard Personalization

If you use a touchscreen device, and you a fan of onscreen keyboard, then this feature is for you.

With this feature, you can easily assess the personalization settings from within the keyboard.

Notification Center

The Notification center of the Windows 11 build 22449 update now have an acrylic background.


In the Notification Center, the app name design have been improved so that it is visibly separated from the actual notifications.

Windows Hello Animations

If you are activating Windows Hello for the first time after installing the Windows 11 build 22449 update, you will be greeted with a new interesting animation, which will introduce you to the Windows Hello feature.

Windows Sandbox

The Windows Sandbox have also been updated so that it matches the new user interface better.

Now, the dialog when closing Windows Sandbox has rounded visuals/corners.

SMB Compression

SMB compression is a feature that allows an administrator, user, or application to request compression of files as they transfer over the network.

With this feature, you do not have to first compress a file, transfer it, and then have the receiver decompress it. Windows 11 will do it for you automatically during transfer.

Previously, when transferring multi-gigabytes of files, the SMB compression algorithm compresses the first 500MiB, then the others will be compressed per 100 MiB. If the file, or the rest of the file is below 100 MiB, then SMB compression will not compress it.

However, with this new Windows 11 Build 22449 release, once a network compression is requested, SMB compresses the whole file regardless of the size.

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How to Download and Install Windows 11 Build 22449

  1. Open the Windows Settings app.
    This you can do using the Windows + I keyboard shortcut.
  2. Now scroll down the left pane and click on the Windows update option.
  3. Windows will automatically start searching for new update.
    After searching, click on the Download Now button to start downloading. Once the download is complete, it will be installed in the background automatically.
  4. After installation, click on the Restart Now button so that Windows will replace your current build with newly installed/updated build.

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