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Bluetooth is an incredibly useful way to connect a range of devices to your computer. As a wireless connection, Bluetooth removes the cable-based restrictions on where you can be when using your devices. For example, you can connect your computer to the TV, move to the couch and take a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard with you. With Bluetooth headphones, you can walk around your home while remaining connected.

Having your Bluetooth headphones stop working can be really annoying, so we’ve collected a list of tips to help troubleshoot your Bluetooth headphones on PC.

Turn it off and on again

The classic advice of turning it off and on again is generally the first thing you’ll see in any troubleshooting guide because it works so often. We recommend you restart both your headphones and your computer.

Check your battery level

Obviously, your wireless headphones need batteries to run. Checking that your headphones have enough charge to connect and play music is a good step. Some headphones may have a battery level indicator or include that functionality in the official software, other devices may not have this option. If you’re not sure, try putting them on charge for a few minutes and see if that helps fix the issue.

Move closer to your computer

Most Bluetooth devices such as headphones offer a range of between 10 and 30 metres, although some can extend that to 100 metres or more. You should also be aware that walls and other objects, can reduce the range of wireless signals like Bluetooth. Try removing obstructions and moving closer to your computer to see if the connection improves or if your headphones reconnect. Your headphones may reconnect automatically, but you may have to manually reconnect them if that doesn’t work.

Disconnect and reconnect

Disconnect your headphones from the computer, then reconnect them. This includes your USB Bluetooth adaptor if you use one. Some devices will have Bluetooth built-in, which you won’t be able to unplug, but if you’re using a USB adaptor, it’s worth trying.

If just disconnecting and reconnecting your headphones doesn’t work, try taking it a step further. Unpair your headphones from the computer, then pair them again.

Update drivers

It’s possible that your device drivers for your Bluetooth controller are out of date, if this is the case, updating the driver may help resolve your issue. To do so, press the Windows key, type “Device Manager” and hit enter. In Device Manager, search for your Bluetooth adaptor driver then right-click on it and select “Update Driver”.

Find your Bluetooth adaptor driver, right-click on it, and select “Update driver”.

Unless you have already manually downloaded a newer driver, click “Search automatically for drivers” in the driver update window.

Click on “Search automatically for drivers” unless you’ve already manually downloaded a new driver.

Unfortunately, you can’t manage your Bluetooth headphones this way. Some headphones may come with companion software that allows you to update the firmware for the headphones. Search the manufacturer’s website to see if such software is offered.

Contact the manufacturer’s support department

Your headphones’ manufacturer may be aware of some known issues in its products. Support can help you resolve these or guide you through troubleshooting and remediation steps specific to your device.

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