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Wi-Fi Calling | What it is. How to Enable it on Android & iPhone?

Wi-Fi Calling What it is. How to Enable it on Android & iPhone post thumbnail

Wi-Fi calling is a feature that lets you make and receive calls, including sending of text messages even when you are out of cellular network coverage.

This is made possible because the Wi-Fi calling feature on your smartphone utilizes Wi-Fi network coverage, rather than cellular network coverage, for calls and text messages.

In other words, if your home router is able to connect to the internet, but your mobile phone network is out of coverage. Then you can connect your smartphone to your router via Wi-Fi, and use it to make and receive normal calls including SMS.

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Enabling Wi-Fi Calling on your Android Smartphone

Open your Android Settings app.
You do this by either swiping down the Notification bar twice, and then tap on the gear icon. Or you tap on the Settings app icon on your phone app list.

Once your Android Settings app opens, tap on the Magnifying glass (a.k.a Search button) then type in Wi-Fi Calling. On the search result, tap on the Wi-Fi Calling option.

On the Wi-Fi Calling configuration page, Toggle on the On button to enable it.

Depending on your smartphone, you might also be required to choose your preferred calling network either Mobile or Wi-Fi network. This is so that when you are in a situation where both are available, your Android phone will use your preferred option, then seamlessly switch to the other when one becomes unavailable.

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Enabling Wi-Fi Calling on your iPhone

To enable Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone, head to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling.

Use the slider to activate the Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone.

If you do not see a Wi-Fi Calling option under Calls section on the Phone screen, it means that the feature is unavailable to you because your cellular carrier does not support it.

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What makes Wi-Fi Calling Special

As you may have noticed, there are two types of connections/networks.

Cellular or Mobile connection is one. This type of connection enables you to call and SMS using your mobile airtime. The other network is the Wi-Fi network which you use to access the internet.

With the Wi-Fi calling feature enabled, you are able to make and receive calls when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network even when your mobile sim network is out of coverage, that is, without network bars.

And the special thing is that, your recipient is not required to have smartphone that is connected to another Wi-Fi network. All they need is a phone with a cell coverage.
Also, as mentioned earlier, Wi-Fi calling and SMS uses the Wi-Fi connection, so you are not charge from your airtime.

In other words, Wi-Fi calling enable you to call and SMS anyone without paying for airtimes.

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The Icebreaker

Not all Android smartphone or iPhone has the Wi-Fi calling feature. And even so, not all Cellular networks supports Wi-Fi calling.

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Cellular Networks that Support Wi-Fi Calling

As of now, in the US, Sprint, MetroPCS, T-Mobile, Vodafone, AT&T, and Verizon are the cellular networks that supports the Wi-Fi calling feature.

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Smartphones that Support Wi-Fi Calling

iPhone 5c and newer model of iPhone support Wi-Fi calling.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, Xiaomi Redmi 7A, Nokia 6.1, Poco F1, and many others support Wi-Fi calling.

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Alternative to Android Wi-Fi Calling Feature

Let’s say your Android phone support Wi-Fi calling but your SIM Card does not and vice versa, does this mean you cannot enjoy Wi-Fi calling or similar feature? Of course, NO is the answer.

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Telegram
  • Google Hangouts (you’ll need the Hangouts Dialer app)
  • Google Duo
  • Skype (Note: Costs money)

All the above and many others are third-party smartphone applications that enable you to make calls and send messages using your Wi-Fi connection.

This type of calls and messages is not called Wi-Fi calling because it does not utilize your SIM card identifier (phone number). Neither will it allow you to make calls to other people’s phone numbers.
So, they are appropriately themed Internet calls.

Because using the apps above does not allow you to call out to cellular network identifiers (phone number), both you and your recipient will need to have a smartphone that is able to and is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Also, both of your smartphone will need to be able to run the same third-party application which you want to use make the call or message. This is because you cannot use WhatsApp to call someone using Telegram and vice versa.

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