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Why Does Windows 10 Crash so Much?

Are there any Windows 1o users out there who have never experienced system crashes? We really doubt that.

The notorious Blue Screen of Death and other system errors are pretty much part of Windows 10 users’ lives. That’s why many users are wondering what exactly is crashing their computers.

Why Does My PC Crash so Much?

There are multiple triggers for Windows 10 system crashes:

  • Outdated, missing, or corrupted drivers causing hardware-related errors. For example, your computer fails to communicate properly with your peripherals.
  • Corrupted system files and errors in the OS code. These problems prevent your OS from running properly.
  • Incompatible programs. If some of the programs you installed on your computer are not compatible with your OS, system crashes will become the norm.
  • Malware sneaked into your computer. Malicious code can alter your OS., Or the OS itself will sometimes crash by design to block malware actions.
  • Overheating issues. If your machine got too hot, it would crash by design to avoid further hardware damage. There’s a temperature threshold that your circuits can withstand. When that limit has been reached, your machine will crash.
  • Shortcuirtuts in the board caused by specks of dust, dirt, etc. If specks of dust got into your computer, they might distort or even block the electric signal.
  • Some sectors of your disk got corrupted. If these sectors store system information, your PC will crash.
  • Your computer is running out of system resources. If a program controls the resources that another program needs, this will cause a system conflict that will result in a crash.
  • Your computer does not have enough free memory. Or it fails to recover the memory used by a program you just closed. For example, that’s why you’re getting Fatal Exception Errors. By the way, RAM sticks that are not inserted properly in their slots can crash your system.
  • Your power supply generated a noisy signal. The voltage difference will lead to system crashes.

As you can see, there are many potential reasons as to why your computer crashed all of a sudden. Pinpointing the exact root cause takes you one step closer to permanently fixing the problem.

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