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WhatsApp introduces 2 New Features to Help Business using WhatsApp for Business.

WhatsApp introduces 2 New Features to Help Business using WhatsApp for Business post thumbnail
WhatsApp introduces 2 New Features to Help Business using WhatsApp for Business post thumbnail
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WhatsApp announces yesterday (9th, July 2020) that they are introducing 2 new features to the WhatsApp Business app.

The purpose of these 2 new features is to help the over 50 million businesses in WhatsApp get discovered in a simple and yet easy way. What are these new features?

New Feature 1: QR Codes

Previously, in order for people to be able to connect to a business they just discover that is in WhatsApp, they have to first save the business WhatsApp number on their phone. Or, the business has to use the API to create a complex link that can only be shared online.

Now, however, with the QR Code introduced to the WhatsApp Business app, businesses can encourage their existing and even new customers to get in touch with them just by scanning the WhatsApp QR Code. This makes starting communication extremely easy.

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How the QR Code Works

A business creates a chat QR code, they can display it in their storefront, flyers, posters and other public places.

The QR Code contains the link to the chat page for the business and a pre-define text that the business have set up.

When a user scans the code, the WhatsApp application in their smartphone will open, and a confirm box will appear asking them if they want to chat with the business.

Then, users can tap on the Continue to Chat button, to start conversation with the business.

As I mentioned above, WhatsApp business have an option to include a predefine introductory text. If they do, then WhatsApp will populate the users chat box with the predefine text. Users can then choose to send the predefined introductory text, or craft their own before sending.

WhatsApp QR Code in action

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New Feature 2: Category Link

Category are used by WhatsApp business to display the list of their current or on sale product and service. Previously, the items in the Category is available to only those that have saved the business WhatsApp contact to the smartphone phonebook.

With the introduction of Category Link, businesses now have an option of making the Category item accessible to many other users without forcing them to first save their contact. This is done by sharing their Category link with users via social media, emails, landing pages and other locations.

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Is this a good Feature Update?

Of course, it is. A stat published by WhatsApp shows that since in inspection of the Category feature into WhatsApp Business last year, over 40 million users uses the Category to stay informed about a business products and services.

Now, imagine how that number will grow, as the Category is now available to the public.

Will you like to test these new features? Then checkout this guides.

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