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What to do if Windows 10 won’t play GoPro videos

Windows Media Player doesn’t play 4K videos without the Media Player Codec Pack. 5K Player, KMPlayer, and VLC are three of the best media players for 4K clips. So, install one of those media players.

4. Open the Video Playback Troubleshooter

  1. Open Cortana by clicking the Type here to search button on the taskbar.
  2. Input ‘troubleshoot’ in the search box.
  3. Select Troubleshoot to open the Settings app as in the shot below.
  4. Select Video Playback and click Run the troubleshooter.
  5. Then go through the troubleshooter’s suggested resolutions if it provides any.

Run a System Scan to discover potential errors

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The Video Playback troubleshooter in Windows 10 can fix video playback issues. Therefore, that troubleshooter might come in handy if GoPro videos are not playing on computer.

5. Convert the GoPro Video to a lower resolution format

convert gopro video why won't my gopro videos play on my computer
  1. Click the Download Handbrake 1.2.0 button on Handbrake’s website to save the setup wizard to a folder.
  2. Open Handbrake’s installer to add the video optimizer to Windows 10.
  3. Press the Open Source button.
  4. Click File to select a 4K GoPro clip to convert to an alternative 1080p resolution.
  5. Click General on the Presets sidebar on the right of Handbrake’s window.
  6. Then select the Fast 1080p30 preset to convert the video to an MP4 clip with 1080 resolution.
  7. Press the Browse button to choose an output folder to save the video to.
  8. Then press the Start Encode button.

Those users who can’t play 4K GoPro videos in Windows 10 can convert them to 1080p clips with Handbrake.

That will probably ensure the videos’ resolutions aren’t too high for a desktop or laptop, but users can also convert their GoPro clips to ones with resolutions lower than 720p.

If you want to play GoPro 4K video on PC, converting it to a lower resolution with Handbrake might be the best option, especially if you’re using a lower-end PC.

6. Fix corrupted GoPro video files

fix go pro videos why won't my gopro videos play on my computer

If GoPro videos are not playing on your computer, it’s possible that the videos got corrupted during the recording process.

GoPro video files can get corrupted when the camera unexpectedly shuts down. Thus, some users might need to fix a corrupted a GoPro video.

GoPro cameras display SOS repair icons that highlight corrupted files. Place the SD card that includes the video which doesn’t play within the camera.

Then the camera might display an SOS signal on its LCD display when switched on. If so, press any button when you see the repair icon to fix a corrupted file.

7. Free up RAM and disk storage

  1. To close third-party software, right-click the taskbar and select Task Manager.
  2. Then select superfluous third-party software listed under Apps on the Process tab.
  3. Click the End task button to close selected software.
  4. To free up disk space, enter ‘disk cleaner’ in Cortana’s search box. Then click Disk Clean-up to open the window shown below.
  5. Select the C: drive, and click the OK button.
  6. Select the Temporary files and Recycle Bin checkboxes. Users can also select some of the other checkboxes to free up more HDD space.
  7. Then press the OK button.

Windows 10 media players usually don’t play GoPro clips because their 4K resolutions are too high. Converting the videos to lower resolution formats will usually ensure playback.

However, some users might need to free up RAM and hard drive storage (for 4K playback) or repair corrupted GoPro videos.

4K GoPro videos also hog a lot of system resources in Windows 10. Thus, some users might need to free up RAM and hard drive space (for virtual memory) to ensure there is sufficient space to play their 4K footage.

FAQ: Learn more about playing GoPro videos on Windows 10

  • Why can’t I play my GoPro videos?

Your system specifications or the lack of RAM and disk storage may prevent you from playing GoPro videos. For more potential causes and quick fixes, check out this detailed guide.

  • Why are my GoPro videos choppy?

Playing videos from your SD card often leads to choppy playback, so don’t hesitate to copy your videos to your computer’s external hard drive first.

  • How do you transfer videos from your GoPro to your computer?

To transfer videos, plug your GoPro camera into the computer, then turn the camera on. The GoPro app should detect it right away, so hit the Import files button.

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