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What to do after Gtys Ransomware Attack | Recover Locked Files.

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Ransomware are no joke. No matter how you got your computer infected by them, they can really be a needle to the heart. And the Gtys Ransomware is no different.

When you see that some of your files have been renamed to reflect the .gtys file extension, then know that your computer have been infected with the Gtys ransomware.

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What you Should Know about Gtys Ransomware.

  • Gtys ransomware is a type of Djvu Ransomware that as of when writing does not yet have a universal decrypting tool.
    This does not mean that when your files get locked by the Gtys Ransomware, then you should rush to pay the ransomed fee. Well, that decision is for you to make.
  • However, before you do, you should realize that paying any ransom does not guarantee total removal of the Gtys ransomware from your computer.
    True, the author may give you a key or tool to decrypt the locked file, that does not mean the Gtys ransomware which is encrypting/locking your files have been remove. Thus at a future time, it might lock another file.
  • Your files/documents is not only what is at risk when your computer gets infected with the Gtys ransomware.
    The system files, that is the computer’s operating system’s (e.g. Windows, MacOS, and others) can also be locked. Causing you system failures.

After knowing all the above mentioned, so, what should you do?

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Get rid of the Gtys Ransomware

It is true that there is not yet a proven decryption tool for the Gtys ransomware, however, there are numerous virus and ransomware removal tools that will be able to detect all the hidden Gtys ransomware installation files on your computer and remove them.

So, getting and running a very good antivirus or ransomware removal tool is the first thing you should do. This is because it will protect your computer files from further attack by the Gtys ransomware.

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Recover System Files

As important as your files and documents may be, system files are much more important. This is because, if you do not attend to them early enough, you might end up having to do a new/clean reinstallation of your computer’s operating system. When it gets to this stage, it means you will loose all your so called precious files, documents, including installed programs.

So after you have gotten rid of the Gtys ransomware, your next action should be to check that the Gtys ransomware have not damaged or corrupted any of your system files. If it has, replace the damaged system files with a new one.

One great utility tool that can help you do this is called Reimage. However, if you are to use this tool, you should use the paid version and not the free version. If you do not, the system files it will check for and replace for you will not be comprehensive.

Another great system files recovery tools you can consider using is:

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Run a Decryption Tool

It is true, I earlier told you that there is no proven decryption tool for the Gtys ransomware. This does not mean you should not at least try a decryption tool. And yes, it is not a waste of time.

You see, many attackers most times uses an offline decryption mechanism for their ransomware. If that is the case with the Gtys ransomware you were attacked with, then many decryption tools will help you recover the locked/encrypted files.

Some of the best decryption tool(s) you should try are:

Run a Data Recovery Program.

True, data recovery program are not 100% reliable, whether it is the paid or free version. However, they can be very surprising in most cases. And you will be amazed at what they can recover for you.

Stellar Data Recovery Professional program is a FREE data recovery software to recover lost or deleted data from external and internal storage media. Their comprehensive scanning process recovers data even from the damaged and corrupted partitions of your system storage device easily.
So you can give it a try if none of the decryption tool above was able to open your file that was locked by the Gtys ransomware.

Alternatively, if you had earlier created a backup of your files before the Gtys ransomware infected your computer, then you can gain back some of your files by restoring the backup.

However, before you perform the restore process, you need to be absolutely sure that the backup was created before you Gtys ransomware got to your system. Else, you risk being infected again.

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