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What Does Link in Bio Mean on Instagram and Facebook? – Technipages

The first time I saw ‘Link in Bio’ on Instagram, I had no idea what that meant. Actually, I did not even bother to look that up. I just kept on scrolling.

But then I read the same words again and again. Eventually, I decided to dig a bit deeper and check what that meant.

What’s a Link in Bio?

A Link in Bio is a clickable link that can be found on Instagram and Facebook bios. Many users add a link in their bios as a means to promote a website or product.

The bio is that area just below your profile picture. You can add a short description about yourself or the profile you’re managing.

It is worth mentioning that Instagram does not allow users to place links in their posts. The bio is the only place where you can place a clickable link. Multiple links are not allowed.


Instagram and Facebook users usually add links in their bios to draw other people’s attention to a specific website/product/topic. Links in the bio may serve to:

  • Draw traffic to a specific website.
  • Promote a product.
  • Offer additional information about something.
  • Promote an event.

How to Add a Link in Bio on Instagram

  1. Launch Instagram and select Edit profile.edit profile instagram
  2. Locate Website, and add your link.add-link-in-bio-instagram
  3. Save the changes, and that’s it.

How to Add a Link in Bio on Facebook

  1. Go to See your profile.
  2. Select Edit details (under Intro).facebook profile intro edit details
  3. Then scroll down and select Websites.facebook add link in bio
  4. Add your link and save it.

The Main Disadvantage of Using Links in Bio

Let’s say you have a post that invites users to check out the link in your bio. When you replace that link, it’s no longer relevant for old posts. In other words, you’re going to direct people to the wrong page.

As a solution, you need to update old posts and delete that ‘Link in Bio’ mention. Luckily, you can use dedicated tools to automate the process and update old posts when the bio link is no longer relevant.

This post was written by Madalina Dinita and was first posted to Technipages

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