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What Does it Mean to Run a Program as Administrator in Windows 10?

The run as administrator in a Windows 10 app right-click menu

Many Windows 10 will have noticed that when they right-click on a program icon in their desktop, there is an option in the right-click menu titled Run as administrator.

This as cause so many users who are the owners of the computer to wonder if they are not the administrator account.

And if their account is really the administrator account, why then is there the Run as administrator option.

You are the Administrator of your Windows 10 Computer

The fact is, if there is only one user account in your Windows 10 computer, or if you were the one that set up Windows and you are using the account that Windows gave you, then you are the Administrator of that computer.

Why Then the Run as Administrator Option?

The Run as administrator option in Windows 10 or other earlier version of Windows exist as a security layer protecting your computer’s operating system (Windows 10) core files and codes of other third-party apps installed in your computer.

Here is Further Explanation

Windows Core Files and App

You might have noticed that there are several applications in your computer that you cannot uninstall using Control panel or the new Settings app for Windows 10.

This is so because those applications are popularly known as system app. That is they are necessary if Windows 10 is to run properly.

These applications include but not limited to File Explorer, Calendar, Get Help, Photos, Command Prompt and many others.

Apart from such apps which you can see from the list of apps in the Start menu, there are also several files that are essential to the smooth running of Windows.

Third-Party Apps.

These are application that is not developed by Microsoft the owner of Windows 10 or are not part of the flagship of Windows 10.

What Apps Run as Administrator Have Access to.

Regular Windows users like me and you do not need access to the code in the core files and apps mentioned above, but advance users like developers and hackers might.

So, when you use the Run as administrator option to launch a software/application, you are giving the application access to code in these core Windows files and apps.

And thus they can tweak or manipulate it.

In other words, without the Run as administrator option, all third-party application you install in your computer will have the ability to manipulate Windows core files and apps.

But with this option, it is you that will decide whether or not to give a third-party app and even most Windows 10 built-in apps that ability.

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