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Wear Face Covering or you Won’t be able to use Facebook or Instagram.

Wear Face Covering or you Wont be able to use Facebook or Instagram post thumbnail

Hahaha. I got his attention ☺. Well, I was just kidding when I said that you will not be able to use Facebook and Instagram if you do not wear a face covering. But does that mean that Facebook do not care if you wear a face mask or not?

Following the recent 50,000 new cases of COVID-19 in the US, Facebook made an announcement on Thursday July 2, 2020, that they will be adding a notification alert at the top of Facebook and Instagram to remind everyone to wear face coverings.

This alert on Facebook will also include 2 links, 1 to the Facebook Coronavirus information page while the other to the CDC website. But on Instagram, the Face covering notification alert will only include the link to the CDC website for more information about the dreaded COVID-19.

Is Wearing a Face Covering Really That Important?

Yes, it is. And you should not be skeptical about this fact.

The Coronavirus is transmitted when droplet from an infected person get in contact with another person. When the uninfected person uses his or her hand to touch the droplet and then pick his nose, clean his eyes, ears or even eat a meal or snack with his hand, then the person will become infected.

Wearing face covering such as face mask or face shield prevent those droplets from infected person to get to our faces, which is the most frequently touched part of our body.

So you see, Facebook decision to keep reminding people to wear a face covering is really a nice move, that will help curtail the spread of the virus.

Is Wearing Face Mask in only Preventive Measure?

Of course not! Never you think that again.

There are other preventive measures you need to take such as,

  • Social distancing
  • Personal hygiene improvement
  • Adherence to local laws, guidance, and others.

Note: as of when I was writing this post, there is no proven home remedy for the Coronavirus. So, if you think you, a friend or family members is displaying symptoms of COVID-19, reporting it to the necessary local authorities as soon as possibly is the best cause of action.

Help save lives. Stay Safe. And Stay Informed. Ezefidelity Cares.

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