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Want a Surface Duo case? These are the best you can get so far.

Surface Duo Cases
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Microsoft embarks on its first dual-screen venture with the Surface Duo, its new Android-based foldable, geared for on-the-go productivity. The device sports a unique design, the upshot of its twin 5.6-inch panels bound by a 360-degree hinge, with a form factor far distanced from traditional smartphones. And while it’s still early days with limited options, we’ve rounded up the best cases for Surface Duo.

Microsoft Surface Duo Bumper Cases

Hassle-free protection:
Microsoft Surface Duo Bumper

Staff Pick

Microsoft launched Surface Duo with an official bumper case, designed to provide moderate protection for everyday knocks and scratches. The purpose-made silicone trim comes in two pieces, adhering to each half of the device. This is the case that comes included in the box. Still, with four colors available for purchase — Glacier, Ice Blue, Ember, and Graphite.

This rubberized bumper may be simple at first glance but has multiple design considerations for the form factor. The case doesn’t restrict any of the foldable “postures,” has raised buttons and port cut-outs, and still highlights the standout hardware characteristics. It’s a must for protection while still showcasing the best of Duo.

Otterbox Microsoft Surface Duo Theorem Series Case

Premium and versatile:
Otterbox Surface Duo Theorem Case

For an all-in-one solution, Otterbox serves a traditional folio-style case, providing full, wrap-around protection for the Microsoft Surface Duo when in-pocket. The Theorem Series boasts a premium finish that matches the price tag, constructed with cactus leather and magnetic clasps to close. The device stays in place with an adhesive pad, allowing the case to provide various study poses.

Otterbox also designed the case with consideration for Surface Duo accessories, with dedicated holders for your cards, and the official Surface Pen. It fits the device with the official Surface Duo Bumper case already installed for added edge protection to stack.

Kensington Belt Holster for Surface Duo

Keep it close:
Kensington Belt Holster for Surface Duo

Kensington keeps your device mounted waist-high with its belt-clip holster, providing easy access to your dual-screen companion. While the Microsoft Surface Duo is easily pocketable, this case offers a secure alternative when on the move despite unconventional dimensions.

The robust polycarbonate construction keeps your device in place, sliding in and out horizontally. The company also provides a two-year warranty, designed as an accessory to last.

Otterbox Microsoft Surface Duo Ocity Series Case

Slimline sleeve:
Otterbox Surface Duo Ocity Sleeve Case

This case is simple and streamlined but provides ample protection for your Surface Duo in the pocket. Microsoft’s glass-on-glass design smartly slides into this cactus leather-lined sleeve, with magnets to stay closed tight. It also works with the Surface Duo official bumper case installed, so you don’t have to sacrifice protection when in-hand.

Keep your Surface Duo protected

With the Microsoft Surface Duo sporting a new dual-screen form factor, it demands different cases to your average smartphone or tablet. Ditching the tried-and-tested slab design requires case makers to think outside the box, with a small sample of Surface Duo cases now available.

The official Microsoft Surface Duo Bumper is our top recommendation for protection, which provides ample shielding against the usual bumps and scratches, especially on the edges. The silicone design also provides resistance against drops, which is incredibly valuable, given its four glass panes.

Otterbox has its take on the best Surface Duo accessories, with the Microsoft Surface Duo Theorem Case providing added protection and functionality. The design accommodates the official Surface Duo bumper case, with room for cards and the Surface Pen inside. The use of premium materials and magnetic wrap-around closure provides a little more substance, allowing you to carry your Duo worry-free.

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