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The Oculus Quest 2 is an incredibly versatile device – there are tons of different ways you can play games and use programs on the device… and one of the most useful ways is the Oculus Link.

It allows you to connect your computer to your headset. One of the limitations that the Quest 2 has is that its processing power and graphical output are limited. It’s not very big and doesn’t have the kind of space that allows you to put, for example, a 3090 GPU into your computer.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of your computer’s hardware, though. You can connect the two in multiple ways. There are wireless apps that allow it, such as Remote Desktop (which you can grab in the Oculus store). That said, their performance depends entirely on the quality of your internet connection.

The Link

The Link, on the other hand, uses a cable to connect to your headset, eliminating the need for a, particularly stable connection. Assuming a VR app is installed on your computer, be it via Steam VR, Oculus VR, or another method, you can use a cabled connection to run it on your quest. While not all VR games you can install on your PC will be perfectly compatible with the Quest, we’ve not encountered any issues with the ones we’ve tried.

The connection via the cable has another minor advantage – it allows you to charge your headset while you play, thus extending the somewhat lackluster battery performance of the Quest 2 considerably. It will still discharge faster than it can recharge, but you can play several times longer with a cabled connection.

The Link works via a cable between PC and headset. You’ll need to install an app on your PC.

As mentioned, you can also play games installed on your PC via Oculus Link. The Quest 2 comes fully set up and ready to use Link – there is even a function that lets you immediately stream your desktop to the headset, without any need for additional programs or any kind of additional setup.

If you want to know how to set up the Link, check out this! Let us know if you prefer to use just the base Quest 2 functionality or the Link!

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