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Tweeting with Your Voice is now Possible for iOS Users.

Tweeting with Your Voice is now Possible for iOS Users post thumbnail

For years, million have gotten their voice heard through texts, photos, videos, links, and gifs. Now, you can literally make your voice heard with the new Voice Tweet feature in Twitter!

Voice Tweet is still in it testing stage, so it is not yet available to all users. As of now, however, Twitter is allowing iOS users to be the ones to test out this feature. Here are the quick facts about the newly introduced Voice Tweet feature for Twitter.


The maximum length for a Voice Tweet is 2minutes 20seconds. That is, 140 seconds of audio talk.

If you have something to say that is more than 140 seconds, do not worry, just keep talking. When you are through, Twitter will break the recording (140 seconds apart) and upload it as a thread. The maximum tweets in a Voice Tweet Thread is 25.

Creating Voice Tweet

Tap on the Compose Tweet icon .

Below, in the Compose box, look for the Voice Tweet icon  and tap on it.

A screen holding your current profile picture and a record button will appear. Tap on the Record to start recording your voice tweet. When you are through tap the Done button to save the Voice Tweet and return to the compose box.

Finally, tap on the Tweet button to upload the tweet to the public.

Here is a GIF guide by Twitter.

Description for Voice Tweets

To tell your followers what your Voice Tweet is all about, you should add a description.

Voice Tweet description can be added by typing up the text in the Tweet Compose box before you start your Voice Tweet recording, or after the recording before you tap on the Tweet button.

I am not an iOS user. Will I still see Voice Tweet in my News Feed?


Voice Tweet posted by iOS users will show up in the news feed and Lists of other none-iOS users also.

To play, tap on the Voice Tweet. If the Voice Tweet you are listening is a Thread, it will automatically play the next Voice Tweet in the Thread.

Only iOS users will be able to listen to a Voice Tweet while still scrolling through their Twitter Feed.

You Cannot use Voice Tweet these ways

Voice Tweet can only be created as an original tweet.

You cannot use Voice Tweet to reply to a tweet.

Neither will you be able to use Voice Tweet to add your opinion when Retweeting someone else tweet.

At least, for now.

Voice Tweet Thumbnails

The thumbnail for your Voice Tweet will be the current profile picture of your account.

To modify Voice Tweet thumbnail, you need to first change your Profile picture to the image you want to use as thumbnail, before you start recording your Voice Tweet.

Do not be afraid, once a thumbnail has been set for your Voice Tweet, it will not change again even if you modify your Twitter Profile picture a million times after.

Stay Informed

What I outline above are the known facts about the newly introduced Voice Tweet by Twitter. However, I will be following up with Twitter’s updates on the Voice Tweet feature. So, follow me now, on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and WhatsApp) so as to be in the know.

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