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A Guide to Password Protect Folders in Windows 10

Work from home has triggered a new workflow for the folks in nearly all fields. Today, you’re getting things done from home PC or work laptop. Meanwhile, your little ones are also attending classes online using the same set of devices. That’s why it is important to keep the confidential files and folder secure using…
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6 Best Digital Picture Frames for Families in 2020

The holiday season is all about sharing moments of joy with family and close ones. However, it’s 2020, and this year, things are a bit different. With social distancing here to stay, it goes without a doubt that sharing picture-perfect moments with your family will be a little challenging. Thankfully, modern tech seldom disappoints, and…
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A Guide to Fixing Fire TV Stick Not Recognized by TV

Like myself, many Fire TV Stick users run into one problem or another while using the streaming stick. The other day, my Fire TV Stick wasn’t showing pictures. Before that, I was experiencing a delay in audio output while watching movies on Netflix. Such snags are fixable. However, a friend told me he almost dumped…
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How to Fix the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Not Opening Issue in Windows 10

Is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC failing to open in Windows 10? That can happen for any number of reasons. For instance, the program may not have sufficient permissions to run properly. Or, there could be compatibility issues at play. A corrupt Adobe Acrobat Reader DC installation can also prevent the program from launching on your…
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A Complete Guide to Setting up and Using Microsoft Your Phone

Most iPhone and Mac users enjoy the tight integration of Apple hardware and software. The same can’t be said about Android and Windows users. Many companies tried to bridge the gap between Android and Windows only to fail or fall short. So Microsoft changed that and rolled out Microsoft Your Phone app. The Your Phone…
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5 Best Dehumidifiers With a Pump That You Can Buy

Nobody likes a moist and clammy room to work or sleep. If your home has high humidity levels, it makes sense to invest in a quality dehumidifier. However, if you are looking for something long term, the best solution is to settle for a dehumidifier with a built-in pump. These devices ease the process of…
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2 Best Ways to Import Questions Into Google Forms From Google Sheets

Typically, when you create a Google Form, you need to perform several steps. For instance, add questions, select the question type, type the questions followed by its answers. If you have several questions, the process becomes tedious. To avoid that, you can type your questions and answers in Google Sheets and then import them in…
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Top 9 Ways to Fix Cannot Download File From OneDrive Problem

What good is a cloud storage service when you can’t download and access files when needed? Storing all files locally also leads to storage issues. Cloud storage saves space and makes online collaboration easier and fun. Other users reported that files begin to download from OneDrive, but then, the process is terminated midway. That’s even…
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How to Cancel iCloud Storage Plan Without iPhone

Managing your iCloud account from Apple mobile devices (iPhone and iPad) is super convenient. But what happens if you lose your iPhone or switch to a non-Apple smartphone? How then do you cancel your iCloud subscription?This guide will show you how to cancel an iCloud storage plan without an iPhone quickly. Without an iPhone (or…
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6 Best Sport Bands for Your Fitbit Charge 4

The Fitbit Charge 4 is a compelling best fitness tracker. It packs the advantage of GPS for tracking your runs and walks. Also, it tracks your daily activities and sleeping patterns. That’s why it’s important to have a stylish yet comfortable band or strap. After all, you wouldn’t want sweat trapping under the straps. So,…
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3 Best Ways to Transfer Contacts From iPhone to Android Without a PC

Transferring contacts from iPhone to Android is no longer a difficult task. Contacts can be moved easily from the iPhone to Android by creating a VCF (Variant Call Format) file. That is possible with the help of the iCloud web version on PC. Since you don’t have a computer handy, we will tell you other…
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How to Auto-Archive Emails in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the most popular email solution among businesses and enterprises. When it comes to consumers, Outlook lags behind Gmail. The default Outlook mail comes with 15GB of space to fill with. With the amount of marketing or banking promotions and other junk material we get, it’s quite easy to lose those important emails…
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Addictive Battle Royale Games For iOS, Android (October 2020)

Battle Royale Games, the most interesting and addictive category of mobile games for Android and iOS. Such games are now known around the world, it is popular and gamers pay a lot of money to purchase weapons or skills. Battle Royale Games are known for its a multiplayer mode which is fun, it allows you…
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20 Best File Sharing Websites Free October 2020

Let’s admit it, we all have files to share with others, so using the best free file sharing websites available, you can share files such as documents, folders, application files, and game files. These sites don’t require registration, so they are very easy to use, though getting registered makes it possible to manage your shared…
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(October 2020) – Zbigz Premium Accounts Absolutely New

Zbigz Premium Accounts Login and also its features have been listed, how to use it, and some precaution worth noting. I know you must have tried searching varieties of sites or watched videos, but the premium account generator or cookies trick they shared seems to be blocked or account disabled. So if you need working…
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5 Best Alternatives to uTorrent in October 2020 (Windows PC)

What are the best alternatives to uTorrent? I know many of you use uTorrent and enjoy the free benefits, but you are here for alternatives for some reasons best known to you. The most popular reason is that BitTorrent bought this wonderful software and then it has been filled with spam, advertisement and it is…
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5 Best Planet Fitness Cancellation Letter Templates

Here I have shared some Planet Fitness Cancellation Letter templates you can use and send over to Planet Fitness for your Membership Cancellation since they confirmed membership cannot be canceled by an uncertified email or phone. Planet Fitness members enjoy unlimited access to their home club making it one of the largest fitness club franchises…
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Best Minecraft ModPacks of 2020 (Most Popular Mods)

What are the Best Minecraft ModPacks for 2020? Minecraft is still the most popular game ever created by Microsoft, it has numerous players on different platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS. Minecraft is an addictive game, no doubt, but do you know you can get the most of the game by using the Best…
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Best Minecraft Texture Packs For Xbox One, PS4, Windows 10

Best Minecraft Texture Packs 2020: What really are the working and popular Best Minecraft Texture Packs you can find and install on Xbox One, Playstation 4 or Microsoft Windows 10 PC? There are many free and paid Minecraft Texture Packs that change the feel of your game by making it more realistic, enhancing the graphics…
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How To Login To Snapchat On Computer/PC (“2020”)

In Short Viral: Snapchat is just like other popular social media apps which include Instagram, and many more accounts are created daily. When using Snapchat on your smartphone, it is good, but when you have to use a computer, that is where the problem comes since they do not have an official Windows, Mac software.…
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Fresh Start Improves Windows 10 Computer Performance.

The performance of an old Windows 10 computer can be enhanced if you do a Fresh Start action. I explain why and how to do it in this article.

Fix Cortana is Not Available Error in Windows 10.

If your beloved digital assistant Cortana is telling you she is no longer available in your region, here are 3 ways to fix this error.

Windows 10 new Start Menu Activation Guide.

This is how to force Microsoft to give you access to the new Windows 10 Start Menu look without singing up for their Insider Program.

Easily Fix “DNS Server is not Responding” in Windows 10.

If you are having a hard time connecting to the internet because DNS server is not responding. Here is the surest and easiest ways to fix the issue.

Guide to Host and Join Zoom Meetings Easily.

Hosting and joining a meeting with Zoom Cloud Meeting platform is not difficult. This guide explain the easy process in details.

How to Download Facebook Story Videos and Pictures.

Do you know you can save a picture or video your friend uploaded on their Facebook Story? I will teach you how to do it if you read this post.

This is how to Hack Cookie Clicker | (Cookie Clicker Cheats)

In this post, I will teach you how to hack and also give you cheats you can apply so that accomplishing the Achievements of the Cookie Clicker game will not be frustrating and hard.

Play Xbox 360 Games on your Android Device.

If you have an Android phone, then you can play Xbox games. This post hold the download link of 2 Xbox emulator for Android and also a tutorial on how to use 1.

How to Promote Your Business on the Tor Project.

The Tor Project community is made of millions of users that is not only large but buzzling. If you want to promote your business to them, here is what you need to do.

Hiberfil.sys & Pagefile.sys | What are they & How to Delete them

Hiberfil.sys and Pagefile.sys are system files that control important Windows features. This posts explains what they are and how to delete them, if that is what you want.

Easy ways to Download Videos from Twitch.

In this article, I will be outlining 4 of the easiest ways of downloading videos that are on Twitch platform, for offline viewing.

Unfreeze Windows 10 Computer by Restarting Windows Explorer

You do not need to restart your computer just because you want to unfreeze it. Restarting Windows Explorer process will do the job. I explain why and how in this article

How to keep CPU Meter in Windows 10 System Tray.

If you want to keep your computer away from repairs then you need to etch then CPU Meter in Windows 10 System Tray. This article explains why and how to do it.

Best Solution to DS4Windows not Working in Windows 10.

Following the solution in this posts will enable you to fix the DS4Windows not Working error you are experiencing in your Windows 10 computer.

Download YouTube Videos | Desktop & Mobile Guide

Downloading videos from YouTube is very easy and fun if you have the right tool. In this article, you will learn how to download YouTube video without leaving the YouTube website.

GWX Control Panel keeps your Windows 7 & 8 Computer Save from Windows 10.

If you so much love Window 7 or 8 and you do not want Microsoft to force you to upgrade to Windows 10, GWX Control Panel will keep your computer safe. This article provides more details.

Play Marvel’s Avengers (A-Day) Game FREE before it Becomes Paid.

The earth’s mightiest heroes reassemble to protect us again. Only this time, you are the one in control. Will you be able to lead them to victory? Test out your ability as you play the new Marvel Avengers game for FREE.

How to Clear an app Cache on Android and iOS Smartphone.

Many problem that a user experience with an app is not because the app has a bug that needs to be fixed by the developer, it is mostly because of a messed up app cache. Here is how to clear such messed up app cache from your Android and iOS smartphone.

Cheap Alternative to MTN Welcome Back Data Bundle.

If you are not eligible for MTN Welcome Back data bundle, then here is the best MTN data bundle you can subscribe to, which is as cheap as the Welcome back data bundle.

Stopping Tinder app from Freezing or Crashing on your Device.

When Tinder freezes or crashes, it can be frustrating. But do not panic, here are 5 solutions that will stop Tinder app from freezing or crashing on your Android or iOS device again.

How to Download Odin for MacOS Computers.

You no longer have to buy a Windows computer before you can use Odin to customize Samsung smartphone firmware. Here is how to get Odin for MacOS computers.

Creating Drive Partition in Windows 10 with AOMEI Partition Assistant

This article explains how you can create partition for your Windows 10 computer in just 4 easy steps using AOMEI Partition Assistant program. Check it out now

Instagram Now has a Video Creation & Editing Tool | REEL!

Instagram Reel, the new video creation and editing tool for Instagram is amazing and easy to use. here are some of the features at your disposal when you use Instagram Reel.

How to Block Websites on Google Chrome | BlockSite Guide.

If you want to block your access to certain websites, here is a tool that will help you do that easily on Google Chrome desktop browser and on any mobile browser.

How to Enable Live Caption on Chrome Canary.

With the Google Chrome Canary browser, you do not need a hearing aid, because you can read the transcript of any video or podcast. Here is how to enable it (the Live Caption feature).

Make Chrome Browser Faster | Disable Resource-Intensive Extensions

Chrome is a fairly fast browser until you start installing Extensions. If you notice an Extension is resource-intensive and is causing Chrome to lag, here are 2 ways to fix it.

How to Clone Partition in Windows 10 | AOMEI Partition Assistant Guide

Cloning or backing up a partition in your Windows 10 computer is easier and best done with AOMEI Partition Assistant tool. Here is a guide on how to use this amazing tool.

How to use Clipboard History in Windows 10.

This article will teach you how to set up Windows 10 Clipboard History so that you copy multiple things and choose which to paste instead o having to paste only the last copied item.

Empty Recycle Bin Automatically before Shutting Down (Windows 10)

Forgetting to empty your Recycle Bin will overtime fill your computer storage with files you thought you have deleted. In this article, I will explain how you can set up Windows 10 so that it will automatically empty the Recycle Bin on your behalf before shutting down.

Changing the Location of the Taskbar in Windows 10.

Changing the location to the Taskbar in Windows 10 is not something that requires a computer engineer to do, you can do it in just 2 steps. In this article, I explain the steps in the simplest way possible.

How to Add Emoji, Kaomoji & Symbols to Text in Windows 10.

Emoji, Kaomoji and Symbols provides you with more fun ways to express yourself. This is why I will be teaching you how to use them on your Windows 10 computer without the help of third-party applications.

How to Restore Individual File from a System Image Backup in Windows 10.

It is previously believed that you cannot restore individual files from a system image backup. But that is wrong. This tutorial will teach you how to do just that.

How to Lazy Load Website Contents with HTML.

Lazy loading your website content improves your website performance and enhance your user experience. Here is how to implement lazy load using HTML on your website without JavaScript.

WordPress 5.5 Beta 4 is OUT! Get it Now.

If you will like to test out the new features coming to WordPress version 5.5 before the release on August 11th, then I will show you how to get the WordPress 5.5 Beta 4 in this post.

How to Lock Facebook Messenger App.

Facebook Messenger has a built-in feature that lets you lock the app, so that when someone else get your device, they will not be able to open it to view your private chat. Here is how to turn it on or off.

How to Hide your Android Device Root Status.

It is possible for you to use applications that does not work on rooted Android device on your rooted smartphone. Here is the tricks you should apply to make it work.

Zero-Day Attack | All you Should Know About it.

Zero-Day attack is a virus attack that your antivirus might not be able to protect you from. Why, what you can do to prevent, and protect yourself are what I explain in this article.

Use Zbigz Premium Features without Paying.

Zbigz is the best platform you can use to access all the files from any bittorrent network. However, the restrictions on Zbigz free users can be frustrating. Here is how to get all the Zbigz premium features for FREE!

How to take Long Screenshot on Android and iOS (scrolling screenshot)

No matter the reason for you wanting to take a long screenshot, here is a tutorial on how to use the built-in feature of your smartphone to do it. If your Android or iOS device does not have the built-in long screenshot feature, I will also be listing the best apps you can use.

How to get 2GB for 200 Naira on MTN Nigeria (Night plan)

MTN new fair data usage policy now makes is possible for MTN Pulse customers to enjoy 2GB of internet data for just 200 Naira. This post provide more details.

Facebook Manage Activity | A Bulk Archiving & Deletion tool.

If you want to delete or archive multiple contents that you have shared on Facebook, Manage Activity is a built-in feature to help you. So stop giving third-party tools access to your Facebook account by learning how to use the Manage Activity tool from this post.

Tweeting with Your Voice is now Possible for iOS Users.

Twitter now becomes more fun as you will now be able to share live audio recording of your voice as Tweets. Here are the quick facts about the newly introduced Voice Tweet feature for Twitter.

Make Your WhatsApp Business Products & Catalog Known to the World.

If you have created a catalog containing all you products and services via WhatsApp Business app, then, read this article to learn how to share it to the world.

All You Need to Know about WhatsApp Business QR Code.

WhatsApp Business QR Code feature makes it easy for customers to start conversing with a business. This article provides all the vital information about this amazing feature.

How to Remove Write Protection from SD Cards and USB Drives.

Do not throwaway your SD card or USB drive just because Write Protection is preventing you from modifying or adding new files to it. Here are 5 easy guides to help you fix this problem.

Save WhatsApp Status (Photos & Videos) to Your Android Phone Storage.

If you really need to save the WhatsApp Status photos or videos that was uploaded by your friend, to your Android device but you do not know how, I have explain 4 ways you can do it in this post. Read to find out the best option for you.

How to Save your Logins Details and Passwords with Browsers.

If you easily forgets your login details and password, you can use your browsers to save them. In this article, I explain how to save and access passwords in browsers.

Fix the Steam Not Loading Problem Easily.

Being unable to use Steam is no fun for gamers. So I have outline the easiest things to do so that you can fix the Steam store not loading error you are experiencing.

Cheapest Airtel Data Plans and Subscription Codes (Nigeria)

Making the right choice is essential to maintaining a healthy spending habits. This is why I have taken my time to search out the cheapest data subscription for Nigerian Airtel users and their subscription codes. Here is my findings.

Brilliant Phone Tips to Help You Handle Your Phone Properly | 1-Tips Everyday

This phone tips video by 1-Tips Everyday will show you how to watch a movie lying down prevent your phone charging cord from breaking and 8 other phone tricks.

All you need to know about IMVU Live Room

IMVU live room lets you discover new people and have a great time chatting and hanging out. But what is Live Room and how do I use it? Find out the answers to these are more in this article.

How to Switch to the New Facebook Desktop Design.

The new Facebook appearance load faster, make the text bigger and remove clusters. It also has dark mode. Learn how to switch to the new Facebook desktop interface from this article.

A new way to Chat. IMVU What is it and How it Works.

How will it feel if you can use animated avatar to chat, react, express emotion and give your friends a warm hug? This is what IMVU will help you achieve. Learn more about what IMVU is and how it works in this article.

How to Delete Facebook Group or Archive it.

Delete or Archive your Facebook Group, which should you do? This article will help you decide and also show you how to either delete or archive a group in Facebook.

Google Duo Now Support 32 Members for Group Calls and more.

Google Duo users can now create group video calls with up to 32 participants. Learn more about this update in this article.

Password is not the only way to Protect Your Router Wireless Network

Password protecting your router wireless (Wi-Fi) network is great, but hiding the SSID does the job of protecting your router better. In this article I explain why and how to hide the router’s SSID.

All you Need to Know About Router Logins (Username, Password,

Your router’s protection is essential to you internet security. This is why I will be discussing extensively about router logins usernames, passwords and IP address.

How to Play Cards Against Humanity for FREE Online

Cards Against Humanity is best enjoyed when played with friends and family. But if they are not around, here are the best way to connect with them online so as to play the game.

Deleting Roblox Account is Not Easy But it is Doable.

Roblox does not yet have a feature that enable users to delete their accounts. However, if deleting your Roblox account is very important here is what you should do.

How to Reset Your Windows 10 Password Without the Old One.

If you forgot your password and have not been locked out of your Windows 10 computer, Windows 10 can allow you to reset your password without the old one.

How to Bypass Browser Cache and Perform a Hard Refresh

Do not delete all your browser cache because one website is not displaying properly. Instead perform a hard refresh on that site only. Learn more here.

How to Launch a Program Using Shortcut in Windows 10

Setting up a shortcut key which you can use to launch a program in your Windows 10 is not that difficult if you follow the steps I outline here.

How to Regain Lost Local U.S. TV Stations

Is your favorite local TV station no longer showing? Do it first before you start considering whether you need to get a new antenna or not.

Translate Text as you Type Using Gboard

Want to make someone feel special by sending them a message in their native language? Gboard will help you and I explain how to use this feature in this post.

How to Resolve the Adobe Illustrator is not responding Problem.

The Adobe Illustrator not responding problem you are facing can be resolved. And in the post, I outline 3 things you can do to fix the problem.

How to Stop Antimalware Service Executable from Slowing Down Your Windows 10 Computer.

Antimalware Service Executable is there to protect your Windows 10 computer. But if it is eating up your PC Memory and CPU usage, here is how to stop it.

You can Monitor Your Blood Pressure Using Galaxy Watches

The Samsung Monitor app and Galaxy Active 2 watch is a combination that will enable to check your blood pressure without visiting the hospital. Find out more from this post.

WordPress Multisite Network | What and How to Activate it.

How many blogs or website do you want to create? What about if I tell you that you can create all of them with just one domain using WordPress? In this post, I will not only tell you, I will also show you how to do it.

How to use Screen Sharing on Skype for any Device

Rather than screenshot and send, just share your screen live when you are on a video call. Do this in Skype for Android, iPhone, and computers is very easy if you follow these instructions.

Set up a Custom Notification Tone for a WhatsApp Contact.

Waiting for a message from a love one? Set up a custom notification tone for them so that you will not keep checking WhatsApp every time you receive a new message alert.

How to Get Unlimited Medals in Brothers in Arms 3 for Android.

Wining each missions in Brother in Arms 3 without a deadly weapon can be very difficult, But with medals you can buy them. So I explain how to get unlimited medals in the artile.

Checkboxes Makes File Moving Using Windows 10 File Explorer Easier

Moving multiple files which are not stack together from one folder to another can be frustrating. But with the Checkboxes feature in Windows 10 File Explorer, this daunting task is made easier.

WhatsApp Dark Mode

Is WhatsApp dark mode a good feature? If yes, how can I start using it in my phone? These are some of the questions I will be providing answers to.

Quote for Today | 1st May 2020

Courage is taking actions in spite of fear.

Schedule Messages on WhatsApp

Use schedule to send heart warming messages to your love ones at a later time so that forgetfulness will not rub of of the joy of putting a smile in their face

How To Prevent People From Adding You to a WhatsApp Group Without Your Permission.

If you have been a victim of someone adding to you all sort of group in WhatsApp without the person first asking for your permission and you do not want this to continue happening to you, then you will find this tutorial helpful. Because from it, you will be able to configure your WhatsApp account so that WhatsApp will no longer allow any group admin to add you to their group without your expressed permission.

WhatsApp Security Code – Explained.

What is WhatsApp security code? how to verify WhatsApp security code? how can I change mine? and how can I stop receiving a notification anytime my contact change their WhatsApp security code? These are questions I am going to provide answers to in this article.

Access Your Favorite Contact With Ease in WhatsApp

Accessing your favorite contact in WhatsApp can be easy if you know how to use the PIN feature. In this post, I explore this feature in details.

Use WhatsApp to Verify The Truthfulness of a Story

Truthful information is essential in life. But how will you know that a story is truthful? WhatsApp will help you out.

How To Easily Promote Your WhatsApp Business on Social Media.

Getting people on other social media to start connecting with your business in WhatsApp is quite challenging, but in this post I explain two easy way out.