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If Xbox Capture often stops working, captures the wrong game clips, or fails to save your clips, use this troubleshooting guide to fix the problem. This issue is even more frustrating when something cool happens in the game. Not being able to record that moment and share it with your fellow gamers is really annoying.

How to Fix Xbox Game Capture Not Working

⇒ Important Note:

It is worth mentioning that not all the games out there allow players to record game clips. Some games turned off the recording feature by default. As a result, you won’t be able to record any game clips irrespective of the tools you’re using.

Capture Shorter Clips on Medium Graphics Settings

The Xbox Game Bar allows you to capture game clips of up to 5 minutes. To make sure the clip duration is not the culprit, try to capture game clips of up to 4 and a half minutes.

⇒ Note: Depending on the game clip resolution, you can capture clips of up to ten minutes to internal storage or one hour to external storage (external hard drive).

Additionally, if you try to capture high-quality game clips, that could also trigger various glitches. High-quality clips put a strain on your Xbox and the recording may sometimes fail to save. Xbox game capture not working on 4K SDR and HDR is a common issue.

Go to Settings and change the video settings to 720p. Change the recording time as well. Check if the issue is gone.

If Your Xbox Game Clips Are Shorter

Also, if your clips are shorter than you expected, here’s why that may happen:

  • You’re not allowed to record certain game segments. For example, some publishers prevent players from capturing game spoilers.
  • Xbox does not record the time you spend not playing the game. For instance, if you pause the game to change certain settings, that action won’t be recorded.
  • If you record high-quality game captures, the clips may be shorter. This is because your Xbox sacrifices duration in order to maintain a high-quality video recording.

Re-Enable Game Captures

  1. Press the Xbox button and go to Profile & system.
  2. Then navigate to SettingsPreferences and select Capture & share.
  3. Disable and then re-enable the following option under Allow game captures:

xbox allow game captures by me or games

Power Cycle Your Xbox

Perform a full power cycle on your Xbox. First, shut the console down. Simply hold down the Xbox button on the front of the device. After 10 seconds, the console should shut down.

Now, go ahead and disconnect the power cable from the console. Leave your Xbox unplugged for two minutes. You can then reconnect the power cable and power up the console. Check if the game clip issue is gone.

Delete Older Game Clips

Maybe there are way too many game clips save in your cloud storage account. If you’re running out of storage space, you usually get one of these two alerts:

  • Manage captures. This means you’ve only got 10% of your allotted storage space left. If your Xbox Live storage is filling up, delete some of your manage captures
  • Delete some of your captures. This alert indicates you’ve effectively run out of storage. The only option is to free up some space.

In rare cases, you may not get these alerts. Delete old clips and make sure you’ve got enough cloud storage space for your new game clips.

  1. Press the Xbox button and go to Capture & share.
  2. Select Recent capturesShow all.
  3. Go to On Xbox Live and select the clips you want to remove.delete game capture from xbox live
  4. Hit the A button and delete those clips.

Let us know if you managed to solve this problem.

This post was written by Madalina Dinita and was first posted to Technipages

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