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Trello allows users to created teams so that members may access the same cards and boards when it comes to working on common tasks or goals.

But once those tasks have been completed and the project successfully finished, you may want to delete that team.

Import Notes:

  • Only admins can delete Trello teams for obvious reasons.
  • Keep in mind that deleting a team is permanent. Once you confirmed the action, there’s no turning back.
  • If the team has an active Business Class subscription, cancel the subscription first. Ensure the subscription has been successfully canceled otherwise you won’t be able to delete the team.

Steps to Delete a Team in Trello

Navigate to Settings and go to the team’s Trello page.

trello settings

Locate the Delete this team option and click on it. Confirm your choice if prompted.

delete team trello

Once again, there is no undo after you deleted the team.

What happens to the boards?

After you deleted the team, the boards related to that team will remain on your account. The only difference is that they won’t be assigned to any team.

If you want to invite other users to join one of the boards of a deleted team, you need to move the respective boards to a different team. Or you can simply create a new team if you want new users to resume working on the old boards.

Removing team members

If you want to block the access of certain users to your boards, you can simply remove the respective members from the team.

To do that, go to the team’s members page, and click on the “Remove…” button located to the right of their avatar.

By the way, did you know you can remove yourself from a team by clicking on the Leave button?

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