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Trello supports a plethora of adaptable features called Power-Ups. These are actually additional tools that users can utilize to better optimize their workflows.

Some of the most popular Power-Ups include Google Calendar, Approvals for Trello, Bulk Actions, Custom Fields, Slack, Google Drive, and more.

Many of these plugins help you to improve your productivity. Not being able to add new Power-Ups to your Trello boards may cripple the speed or efficiency of your workflow. That’s why you need to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Trello is Unable to Load Power-Ups

Oftentimes, when Trello fails to enable a Power-Up, you’ll get this error message on the screen: ‘Unable to load Power-Up‘.

This error indicates your browser is timing out or you’re not authorized to add the respective Power-Up on your network.

As always, the key to troubleshooting this error lies in understanding the problem and why it occurred in the first place.

Note: If you’re using the free version, there’s a limited number of Power-Ups you can to your boards. Business Class users have unlimited Power-Ups.

Fix Trello Unable to Add Power-Up

Check your browser

Your browser might be preventing you from adding new Power-Ups to your Trello boards. Here’s how you can troubleshoot the problem.

Refresh the page

If your browser is indeed timing out, try refreshing the page. Open the Trello menu again and check if the Power-Ups are changing when you refresh the page. Hitting the Refresh button will do.

refresh page browser

If you notice any improvements, your browser or Internet connection might be the culprit.

Disable all extensions

If you’re using browser extensions, go ahead and disable all of them, as well as all the other customization settings you added.

If you’re using a Chromium-based browser, click on the browser menu, go to More Tools, select Extensions and disable all of them.

google chrome more tools extensions

Use Incognito Mode

Check if the issue related to your Power-Ups is gone in Incognito or Private Browsing Mode.

new incognito window browser

Click on your browser’s menu and open a new private window. Connect to your Trello account and check if you can add the problematic Power-Up(s) now.

Clear your browser’s cache

If using Incognito Mode worked, this may indicate your browser cache is the culprit. Try clearing the cache and then check if this quick workaround permanently solved your problem.

For more information on how to clear your cache, see How to Clear the Cache in Google Chrome. If you’re using a Chromium-based browser, the steps to follow are pretty much the same.

clear browser cache cookies chrome

Use a different browser

Do switch to a different browser and check if you can load the Power-Ups. If this problem is triggered by some incompatibility issues between your current browser and the Power-Up(s) you’re trying to add, switching to a different browser should fix them.

Check your network connection

If this problem is caused by the speed of your Internet connection, use a different network if that’s possible. As always, prefer a cable connection over a wireless one.

Restart your modem and computer to refresh your network connection. This will remove temporary files that may be slowing down the connection.

Contact your IT admin

If the same Power-Ups are blocked when you refresh the page and you’re getting the same error, this may indicate the respective Power-Ups are blocked.

To check if this is indeed the case, contact your IT admin. Let them know what error message you received. Your network settings may block certain Power-Ups, and your IT admin is the only person authorized to change the settings.

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