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Translate Text as you Type Using Gboard

Translate Text as you Type Using Gboard post thumbnail

Gboard is Google’s own keyboard app for Android phones. Recently, they integrated Google Translate into Gboard.

This is a helpful before because it you find yourself chatting with someone who does not understand English language very well, or if you just want to make someone feel special by sending a text in their native language, then you do not need to install any extra language translation app.

For Gboard will take care of this.

So how can you use Gboard to translate text? Here is the tutorial.

How to use Gboard Translate Text

Step 1

The first thing to do is to upgrade the version of Gboard installed on your device to the latest version. Click >>> HERE <<< to upgrade.

Step 2

Next open the app you want to use to send the message. Example the Message app.
Before you start typing, tap on the Three dots as shown in the screenshot.

Step 3

In the menu that will display, tap on the Translate button.

Step 4

Next you will see a pop-up asking you to confirm that you want to use the Google Translate service. Tap OK to accept.

Step 5

After you have tap OK, the translate box will appear. If it does not appear, repeat step 2 and 3 again.

After it has started showing, tap the text on the translate box. When you are through typing, tap on the Dropdown menu in the right.

Step 6

Now, choose the language you want your typed text to be translated into.

That’s all.

Now your text will be translated and pasted into the chat box of the app you want to use to send the message.

After which you can add emoji if you like and then tap on the Send button to send the message.

What you Should Know

You can use the Gboard translate feature in any app that allows you to type text in it.

Also in order to use the Gboard translate feature your internet connection needs to be turned on. This is because the text translate is done in real-time using the Google Translate service.

This means that the Gboard translate feature will not work if your device is offline.

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