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Top Educational Technology (EdTech) Initiative to Consider.

Educational Technology or EdTech in short is, the process of facilitating learning by the creation, use, and management of suitable technological resources.

After the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, it became clear that alternative means of teaching needed to be adopted. As a result, with the help of technological advancement, new alternatives to learning is constantly emerging.

With so much alternatives to choose from, which should you focus your efforts on as an educator? The top trending EdTech alternatives below will help you decide.

Top EdTech Trends to Implement.


Also known as Electronic Learning, the improvements eLearning platform is amazing. This is why it is becoming more and more popular by the day.

Most eLearning platform provides not just basic video lectures, they also include interactive sessions and even peers interactions.

Because eLearners learn by engaging directly with on-screen information, such as moving material from one location to another, they are more involved in the learning process. Thus, increasing their retention ability.

More to that is the fact that most eLearning platforms allows educator to update the course material without spending huge amount on reprinting books.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is a useful tool that can be used to automate the grading process and other basic functions of an educator.

For example, an AI can be used to provide answers to student’s frequently asked questions. It can also be used to provide access to recorded lectures based on student’s needs.

By automating educator’s basic task, AI ensures that educators have more time to focus on the more complex aspects of teaching.

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Video Learning

No educator can belittle the power of instructional materials. Because what students see, is difficult for them to forget it.

So, rather than bombarding students with lengthy read list, creating video lectures which students can watch online via their smartphones or laptops is really a great way to improve their performance.

Apart from the fact that it is cheaper to produce, it allows more than 1 student to learn from it without extra cost to the educator.


Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) can be used as an immersive learning tool to help students with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Because of it immersive nature, VR will help block out distractions that can take a student attention from his studies.

More so, the vivid 360 virtualization nature of VR/AR is a no-brainer for students in the geographical field.

Online Surveys (Learning Analytics)

It is true you are the educator. But you might not be impacting on the students knowledge as much as you think. This is why, online survey is a great educational technology you should consider.

With this tool, students get to share how they feel about a course material or even the lecturer without any intimidation. And it also assure the students that their teacher is listening and that their voice matters.

This tool will thus help educators know they best way to go about maximizing their educational efforts.


Blockchain technology is closely linked with cryptocurrency. However, this is not the only useful application of this technology.

In the educational sector, blockchain can improve the data storage task.

Every time new data is added, another block is added to the system. Thus, the storage capacity is theoretically infinite.

Also, the data will be encrypted and distributed among all the computer connected to the blockchain, making it a truly decentralized and transparently data storage tool.

Blockchain can also help your organizations’ authentication, scalability, and pricing process. And it may even assist student in publicizing their achievements (ePortfolio).


There is no doubt that educational technology is important. And as an educationist, you do not really need to be a tech savvy to implement or use any of these EdTech initiatives.

So, which will you of the EdTech initiative outlined above will you implement first in your organization?

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