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If your computer is making a weird noise or not doing something it should be, then you’re probably going to look for help at some point. Even the most technical people run into issues where they just don’t know why an issue is happening and need to ask if someone else knows what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Thankfully the internet is great for this sort of thing. With access to literally billions of people, it’s reasonably likely that at least one person has had the same issue before or knows how to fix it.

Tech support websites and forums are a great resource for asking for help with your specific issue. Still, it’s generally recommended that you search Google to see if anyone else is reporting a similar issue and if the fixes suggested to them help solve your issues.

1. Google

Google is the single greatest resource you can ask for when you want to find something that already exists. All you need to know is how to ask your question. For tech support questions, simply type a description of your issue.

If someone has asked for help with the issue before, on any website, then you should find it. Just be aware that you may have to look through a few pages of results to find an exact match to your issue.

Note: If you don’t like Google, other search engines can help just as much! There are always people publishing innovative solutions out there. A simple search engine search can get you further than you think.

2. Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is a set of Q&A communities that are great for asking for help on specific topics. For example, the “AskUbuntu” community is great for questions about Linux. Once you ask your question, other contributors can help by providing answers and ranking each other answers. If a specific answer helps, it’s good practice to accept the answer as this can help others with the same issue in the future.

3. Bleeping Computer Forums

The Bleeping Computer Forums is an independent forum dedicated to providing tech support for any sort of computer problem. Whether you’re facing a hardware, operating system, or any sort of software issue, there’s a subforum for you to ask for help.

4. Specific Product/Developer Forums

One of the best places you can go for expert technical advice for a product or app is the developers’ forums. Not everything will have a forum, but it’s worth having a look. For example, If you’re having an issue with Windows, then the Microsoft Forums can be a solid resource or place to ask for help.

5. Reddit

Reddit has a huge number of subreddits for most purposes. r/TechSupport is the one you want to go to for help troubleshooting technical issues. With more than a million members, there should be at least one person who can help find the solution to your issue.


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