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Top 3 software that Blizzard uses to create amazing cinematics

Source Filmmaker - software used by Blizzard for cinematics

Source Filmmaker (SFM) is a very powerful movie-making tool that is used by the Blizzard team to create immersive and beautifully textured videos for their games and cut-scenes.

This software uses the same assets like the ones found in the games, allowing you to use any of them in your project. Any item or scene that can be found in the game, can also be used to create amazing cinematics.

SFM is a very flexible engine, allowing you to create 3D recordings that can be edited later and exported either as a movie or as a still image.

The number of elements that can be contained in the movie are unlimited and include items such as – lights, cameras, objects, animations, effects, etc.

SFM offers you access to an incredibly wide range of usable elements (more than 6000 items) – maps, models, objects, sounds, effects, animations, etc., but you can also import your own.

Because of the way this software is built, and because everything you create is stored in a 3D motion database, you can edit any element freely, at any point in the process of creating the cinematic.

In case you are not a professional, and can’t create 3D models from the bottom up, you can always create animated short movies by using the graph and motion editor, or you can download assets from the library.

Even though Source Filmmaker might seem easy to use at first because of its friendly and easy to understand user interface, it is an incredibly complex and powerful tool, so feel free to try it out.

Download Source Filmmaker

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