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Top 12 Fixes for Safari Not Loading Pages on iPhone and iPad

The Safari browser comes pre-installed on Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad. Many iOS and iPadOS users prefer using it as the default browser. Sadly, the browser doesn’t work at times, for pages do not load in it. If you are from the unlucky ones, then you have landed on the right page. You can easily fix it when Safari does not open webpages on iPhone and iPad, as shown in this post.

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iPhone and iPad users face different kinds of issues related to Safari. Some see a blank, white page and others get errors like ‘Safari cannot open the page because iPhone isn’t connected to the internet,’ or the browser freezes and crashes without loading any page.

The following fixes will help you resolve all kinds of problems related to Safari not loading pages on iOS and iPadOS. Let’s start.

1. Restart Phone and Modem

To start the troubleshooting process, restart your iPhone and iPad. Also, reboot your modem if you are using Wi-Fi. In case you are connected via cellular data, please turn it off for a few seconds and turn it on again.

Tip: You should also remove the SIM card from your phone for a while.

2. Check Network Connection

Next, verify whether the issue is with Safari alone or not. For that, check if other apps are working on your iPhone or iPad. If you cannot connect to the internet using other apps, then the problem is with your network connection. Switch to mobile data from Wi-Fi or vice versa.

Tip: Check out 8 fixes for can’t find server error on Safari.

3. Enable Airplane Mode

Another way to troubleshoot issues due to network connections is to put your device in Airplane mode. That will turn off all and refresh all network connections. To enable Airplane mode on your iPhone or iPad, open Control Center and tap on the Airplane mode icon. Alternatively, go to Settings and enable Airplane mode. Keep it on for a few seconds, and then turn it off.

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4. Turn off VPN

Are you using any VPN on your iPhone or iPad? If yes, disable it for a while and see if you can open web pages through Safari.

Tip: Find out whether you need security apps on your iPhone or iPad.

5. Update Software

Before you try the below-mentioned fixes, we would suggest you update the Safari browser from App Store. Often there is a bug in the app or phone’s software. So you should look for any available software updates and install them. To check for the phone’s software, go to Settings > General > Software update.

6. Check Cellular Data Settings

If you can load web pages on Wi-Fi, but pages do not load on cellular data, you must check mobile data settings. For that, go to Settings > Cellular data/Mobile data. Scroll down and make sure the toggle next to Safari is green. If it’s off, turn it on.

Tip: Check out other ways to fix iPhone apps only work on Wi-Fi and not mobile data.

7. Check Content Restrictions

You must check on your iPhone/iPad if any content restrictions are enabled. To do so, go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions. If the Content & privacy restrictions toggle on the next screen is turned off, skip this fix and jump to the next one.

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Safari not loading webpages iphone ipad 3

In case it is on, scroll down and tap on Content Restrictions. Go to Web content and select Unrestricted access.

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Safari not loading webpages iphone ipad 5

Tip: Find out how to block and unblock certain websites on iPhone.

8. Enable JavaScript

You should check if the Safari browser has permission to use JavaScript. For that, open Settings on your iPhone and go to Safari > Advanced. Enable the toggle next to JavaScript.

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Safari not loading webpages iphone ipad 7
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9. Clear Cache and Browsing Data

This is one of the fixes that has solved the webpages not loading issue for many users. To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone/iPad. Go to Safari.

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on Advanced.

Safari not loading webpages iphone ipad 6

Step 3: Tap on Website data. Scroll down and hit Remove all website data.

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Safari not loading webpages iphone ipad 9

Step 4: Restart the phone and see if you can open web pages. If the issue persists, come back to Settings > Safari. Scroll down and tap on Clear History and Website data. Confirm when asked. This will delete all your browsing history and other browsing data from all the Apple devices using the same iCloud account.

Tip: Find out how to fix if the Clear history and website data button is greyed out.

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10. Reset Network Settings

Often the problem of web pages not opening on Safari happens due to some problematic network setting. The best way to fix this is to reset network settings. Doing so will not affect your personal data. Only settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc., will be reset to their default values. You will need to set them up again. Find out in detail what happens by resetting network settings.

To reset network settings on iPhone and iPad, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset network settings.

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11. Disable Content Blockers

If you have installed any content blocker on your iPhone or iPad, you should try disabling it for a while. To do so, go to Settings > Safari > Content Blockers. Disable all of them and see if you can load pages now. Know what content blockers are, and you should use them on your iPhone.

You should also try disabling various Safari experimental features one-by-one. For that, go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Experimental features.

12. Change Wi-Fi DNS

Sometimes, the issue happens to a wrongly configured DNS server. You should change it to Google DNS and see if websites open in the Safari browser.

To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings > Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Tap on the (i) icon next to the problematic Wi-Fi. Tap on Configure DNS.

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Safari not loading webpages iphone ipad 13

Step 3: If Automatic is selected, tap on Manual > Add server. Enter, remove existing ones, and hit Save. If Manual is selected, tap on Automatic.

Safari not loading webpages iphone ipad 14

Change Default Browser

We are positive that at least one of the above fixes should solve issues with the Safari browser. We would also suggest that if you have a huge number of tabs open in the Safari browser, you should close at least some of them. If the issue continues, you can always use Chrome, and now you can even make it your default browser.

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