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Tips to Increase Your Phone’s Battery Lifespan in 2021

Tips to Increase Your Phone’s Battery Life Span post thumbnail

How long do your phone battery last? Mine can carry a day, if I really use. What about yours, can yours carry you a day if you really use it? What about if you do not really use it.

Gone are those day where phones can last up to one week before the next charge. This days, smartphones batteries can be likened to laptop batteries. Meaning, your smartphone can only be useful when it is plugged in.

Does this describe you? If it does, then there are tips that when you utilize will help prolong your phone’s battery life.

Note that with this tip, you should not expect your battery lifespan to double, though, when these tips are properly utilized, you will notice an increase in the battery life span.

So here are the tips.

Tip 1: Display


Reduce your phone’s screen brightness. The brighter your screen the more of your phone’s battery it consumes.

To illustrate, more and more people are turning to energy-saving bulbs to light up their homes. Why? It’s not because they are brighter, but as their names implies, it consumes less energy, which means reduced energy bill at the end of the month.

The same applies to phones.

Screen Resolution

One of the reoccurring feature of phone commercial is the phone’s display capabilities.

This is because everyone loves a phone that has a great display setting. For example, will you like to watch a YouTube video that the video quality is 144p? probably not. Rather, you will go for videos which quality is above 360p and higher. Sometimes, you might even opt for full HD videos.

This is just to reiterate the fact that we all love devices with great display.

However, the higher the display setting of your smartphone the quicker your battery will be drained. So, if your device screen resolution is 4K, 2K or HD+, it is now time for you to consider downgrading this setting to a lower resolution.


Some other display settings that can drain your phone’s battery are, live wallpapers and always on display clock and others. So, consider turning them off if your focus is the longevity of the battery.

Tip 2: Media

Reduce or if possible, stop watching movies and TV shows with your phone. Whether you are watching this movie on a bright or low-lit screen, using your smartphone to watch movies drain the battery. Especially when you are doing it online.

If it is a must to watch videos with your smartphone, then download the movies and videos so you can watch it offline.

So, think twice before you fire up the Netflix, Hulu, and others online video steaming apps.

Tip 3: Application

Lite or Go Version

Use lite version of an app if available. What am trying to say is, instead of using the traditional Facebook, Twitter or Google app, you can download, install and start using Facebook lite, Twitter lite, Google Go and other application that have a lite or go version.

Lite or go version of an application is built for phone with low connectivity. What this means is that, these app requires less processes to function compared to the traditional app. Let me give you an example.

When you use the Facebook app, you will notice that as you scroll down your feeds, new post, views and other content are loaded automatically. And at the same time, the app will be checking your own previous posts to see if there are new likes, comment, mentions and others so as to notify you.

All these happen simultaneously, seconds after seconds, till you close the app or log out. Sometimes even after you have closed the app, you will be receiving notifications. All these features are designed to make you love the application, but they also sap your phone’s battery.

But if you use the go or lite version, these processes do not run automatically, they do only when you asked them to, and after you have asked them to run, they do not keep running seconds after second, rather, they stop, and wait for you to refresh the app before running again and then stops.

So, you see, lite or go version of an app help your battery.

Other Apps

If you are concerned about your smartphone battery lifespan, then do not treat your smartphone as a game console.

Yes, you heard it right. It is true that your smartphone lets you play your beloved games on the go, but the fact is, gaming on your smartphone will sap your battery.

If you cannot do without playing games with your smartphone, then my advice is, play them less often. So, do not spend too much time gaming when you are looking at saving the battery for something else.

Apps Settings

Many connectivity apps send you notifications. These notifications are great way of knowing what is happening without you needing to first open the apps.

However, your smartphone battery life will suffer if the notification becomes many. So, you should try stopping the notification permission you have granted to an app.

Tip 4: Your Activities

One of the great feature of smartphones is its ability to multitask. That is, with your smartphone you can use multiple applications simultaneously. However, while multitasking is a great feature, it also takes a junk off your phone’s battery.

So, multitask only when necessary, and quit all apps when you are through with them. Do not allow any app in your phone to be running endlessly in the background.

Your phone might not be slowing down as a result of multiple background apps that you left open, but the battery definitely will be paying the price.

Tip 5: Connectivity

Smartphones are loved because it helps your stay connected to the things and people you loved. Nevertheless, connectivity options like Mobile data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and others contribute to why your battery isn’t lasting long.

Hence, turn on any of your phone connectivity settings only when you need them and turn them off when you do not. Do not leave them on all the time.

Tip 6: Battery

Virtually all smartphones come with a battery saving mode option.

Once this option is turned on, it will turn off some fancy display settings, reduce the background process that is running on your phone and turn off some of your connectivity settings that is on but you are not using. However, what the battery saving mode option does when it is turned on vary from device to device.

Hence, if when you turn on the battery saving mode of your smartphone, and some of the things we have talked about above are left unchanged, then you should do the needful.

However, regardless of what the battery saving mode of your phone does, turning on this saving mode will help conserve your phone’s battery. So, this is a good option for you.

Nevertheless, if your smartphone does not come with its own battery saving mode option, you can download a battery saving app. Apps like BetterBatteryStats or Battery HD+ might be able to do the job.

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