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This site is not secure: How to fix this browser error

This error may also occur due to missing a trusted root certificate or because the website contains malicious ads, codes, and links.

However, you may proceed by clicking on the Go on to the website (Not Recommended) button if you have visited the website before and your web browser did not block it.

In order to solve this intimidating problem, we have compiled universal solutions to fix it in various web browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer.

Ignoring this warning may expose your PC to malware. Use the workarounds listed below at your own risk.

Quick tip:

Before continuing, if you’re looking for a privacy-compliant browser that’s less prone to glitches, we recommend downloading Opera.

Besides the built-in ad-blocker, it also comes with an unlimited VPN service that offers you the ability to choose from 3 different locations.

The VPN will help you hide your IP address while online, and also keep trackers at bay.

The browser is also extremely fast and reliable, so the websites will not only load error-free but will also load extremely fast.



An excellent web browser that offers many useful tools, including the ability to save and print your web pages.

What can I do to correct This website is not secure pop-up?

1. Manually install missing certificates

this website is not secure
  1. When the message appears, click on the Continue to this website (not recommended) option at the very bottom of it.
  2. Click on the More Information for the Certificate Error option next to the red Address Bar.
  3. Then, click View Certificates on the information window.
  4. Select Install Certificate and follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. Finally, click Yes on the dialog to proceed.

NOTE: Manual installation of certificates is not recommended on strange websites or websites with a low reputation. Furthermore, manually installing the certificate should fix the This site is not secure error pop-up.

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