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This is how you change the security settings of a PDF file

However, given the versatility of the format, you can end up using it as a support for more sensitive data. As such, you may want to limit the access that certain individuals have to certain PDF files.

This includes blocking the possibility to edit, print, or even open them together. On the other end of the spectrum, maybe you want to make a PDF file more accessible to everyone.

Whichever the case, we’ve created a step-by-step guide that will show you exactly how to change the security settings of your PDF files easily.

How can I change the security settings of a PDF file?

1. Using Icecream PDF Editor

change pdf security settings in icecream
  1. Open the PDF file.
  2. Go to File and choose File permissions.
  3. Choose to protect either opening or editing the file by checking the corresponding option.change file permission in icecream editor
  4. Click OK.

And that’s it. Next time the document is opened or edited (by you or anyone else), a password will be required.

This way, you can restrict full access to a file, or just the editing option.

If you’re not familiar with Icecream PDF Editor, we should say that this is an intuitive PDF management tool that you can use on Windows-based devices.

It is equipped with an array of editing actions such as annotating, stamping, password-protecting, new file creation, and more.

Icecream PDF Editor

Icecream PDF Editor

Change the security settings of your PDF file in just a couple of steps with Icecream PDF Editor.

2. Using Acrobat Reader

change pdf security settings in acrobat reader
  1. Open the PDF file.
  2. Go to the Tools pane, and select Protection.
  3. Choose Encrypt, and select Encrypt with Password.
    • If you want to change other security settings, select Manage instead.
  4. A new window will appear containing all the settings that can be switched on and off.
  5. Select the settings you want to modify, for example:
    • Set or remove passwords.
    • Encrypt only portions of the document or the entire thing.
    • Modify access permissions to limit or enable editing and printing of the document.adobe restrictions
  6. When finished changing the settings, click OK.
  7. Click on File, and select Save.
  8. Additionally, you could also press Ctrl + S.
Acrobat Reader

Acrobat Reader

For a professional tool to edit, protect and share your PDF files, use Acrobat Reader.

By following these steps, you should be able to make a PDF file more or less restrictive. This ensures that your document cannot be edited, printed, or even opened, even if unauthorized users get their hands on it.

On the flip side, changing security settings can allow you to make a PDF document more flexible for a wider audience.

If you have any other questions regarding the matter, or are interested in similar articles tailored for programs other than Adobe Acrobat, leave us a message in the comments section below.

This post was written by Teodor Nechita and was first posted to WindowsReport

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