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Third-party drivers might be stored separately in Windows 10

What we know about the new separate folder

The new folder, as the tweets show, is called OEMDRIVERS and will contain only non-Microsoft drivers. After installing the build, the full path for the new folder was the following: WindowsOEMDRIVERSSystem32config

oemdrivers folder

This new feature is called Writeable_DriverStore. So when the preview build is installed, Windows 10 will migrate all third-party to this dedicated OEMDRIVERS folder.

One small detail also mentioned by Albacore: the feature must be enabled before the first boot of a new version of Windows 10. Otherwise, the new folder is not visible.

The idea seems a good one, users say, as they prefer having all non-Microsoft elements out of the entire System32 folder.

One user even suggested that Microsoft should, instead, move dedicated files to a protected folder and not risk breaking the entire system with this new folder.

On the other hand, the addition is seen by most a step forward toward strengthening the system’s overall security, by not allowing other developers to store their drivers in the same location.

Another visible element in the screenshots provided by Albacore is the new fluent design of the File Explorer icons. This is one important change that Microsoft is preparing for the next big update.

Note that the preview build is available only for those part of the Insider program and, as Microsoft has acknowledged, it might lead to game crashes.

Although the new separate folder might not have a direct impact for you as a user, we’d like to hear your opinion on that.

This post was written by Sinziana Mihalache and was first posted to WindowsReport

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