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The Wix Pricing Plans.

The Wix Pricing Plans post thumbnail is among the best drag-and-drop website building platform. Wix is so good and easy to use that, you do not need to know a single line of code before you can build a professional looking site with it.

All you need is to play around the Wix interface and familiarize yourself with the customization options available to you. And you are good to go.

Wix is a FREE Platform

Yes, you heard it right. You can actually build your professional website on for free. Absolutely, FREE.

However, for more customization options and features, you will need to upgrade your Wix account. This is where it becomes necessary for you to know all the pricing options of Wix.

Facts about Wix Premium Plans.

The price for using Wix premium features ranges from $4.5 to $35 per months. The various plans comes with different features, designed to meet your specific needs.

But regardless of the plan you choose, the website you build with Wix will not be branded with Wix ads. You will have priority support, you will be able to connect a customized domain, you will be able to use Google Analytics to track and analyze your site traffic, and the storage capacity for your site will be increased.

Most Popular Wix Plans.

In total, there 7 premium plans you can upgrade to. Among these seven plans, only 2 seems to be catching the interest of many Wix users that wishes to upgrade their account. These two plans are:

The Unlimited plan, designed for both Entrepreneurs and Freelancers, and it cost $12.5 per month. The second most popular Wix primum plan is the Business Unlimited plan, which is designed for business seeking to grow their business. The Business Unlimited plan cost $25 per month.

Wix Premium Plans Price for Business

For business seeking to expand their e-commerce site on the platform, they have 3 plans they can upgrade to. The cheapest is the Business Basic plan which cost $17 per months, while the most expensive is the Business VIP plan which cost $35 per month.

The Business Unlimited plan is the one that is in the middle. As I mentioned earlier, it cost $25 per month, and is the most popular plan in the business category.

Regardless of the business plan you decide to go for, all plans give you Unlimited bandwidth. What this means is that, the number of visitors that can be on your online store that is built using Wix at any time of the day is not limited to a specific number.

You will also get a Site booster App package worth $60 which will enable your e-commerce site to get discovered in Google and other directories easily.

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Wix Premium Plan Prices for Website owners

Now, if you do not which to activate the e-commerce feature of Wix on your website, then Wix offer you 4 plans you can upgrade to.

The cheapest of these plans is the Connect Doman plan which cost $4.5 per month. On this plan, you will have a total storage capacity of 500MB for your website files and contents. Also, you will be able to connect a custom domain to your Wix website.

The most expensive of the plan in the Website category is the VIP plan which cost $24.5 per month. In this plan package, you have 20GB storage capacity for your website, and you also get Site Booster App package worth $60, Visitor Analytics App package worth $60 and a Professional logo package worth $50.

The most popular plan in the Website category is Unlimited plan which cost $12.5 per month. Though in this plan package, you get half the storage capacity (10GB) in the VIP plan, the good news is, you will also the Site booster app package and the Visitor Analytics app package worth the same with the one you will get if you had subscribed to the VIP plan.

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Further Information

If you will like to know all the features for each specific Wix plans, click >>> HERE <<<.

Before I forget. You should know that, while the prices for the plans I mentioned above are for each month, when you want to subscribe to any of them, you are billed on an annually basic. That is, the monthly prices multiplied by 12.

You can use Wix Premium Plan for FREE.

Yes. No matter the Wix premium plan you upgrade to, if you downgrade to the FREE plan, that is, if you cancel your upgrade before the end of 14 days after you have upgraded, your money will be refunded to you in full.

You heard it right. In full. And no questions asked. So, you do not need to explain yourself, or give a valid reason for canceling your subscription.

However, you can only do this once. Afterwards, if you upgrade again, you won’t be able to cancel.

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