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The largest SSDs to buy today [2020 Guide]

An SSD uses semiconductors in its construction, instead of magnetic media like other hard drives, and has memory chips that enable it to retain volumes of information, with or without power.

What differentiates SSD from traditional hard drives and USB flash drives, however, is their form, and capacity.

The latter, USB flash drives, are designed for external use, while SSDs are designed to sit internally within the computer, instead of using an external hard drive.

At first glance, SSDs resemble the usual external hard drive, but its form is designed to ensure it fits and sits properly within the laptop so that you don’t have to get an external hard drive.

This form is made possible by the SATA interface, which allows it to be placed into a PC in the same way you connect a hard drive.

Today, PC users prefer to use SSDs owing to the immense benefits they derive from them. Some of the benefits of SSD devices include:

  • High-performance storage
  • Higher data transfer rates because the SSD reads data instantly without spinning up the drive platter, or moving drive heads
  • Consume less energy/less power
  • A computer with a SSD is much snappier in launching apps and programs, and it also boots faster
  • High levels of reliability, because it has no moving parts and most of the storage is in memory chips
  • Higher storage capacity compared to hard drives

The downside with SSDsis that they have a limited life span owing to the fixed number of write cycles available before its cells become redundant, and they’re also costly.

Users however believe this still gives the SSDs a longer span compared to the normal PC systems.

The cost is still much higher than that of traditional or hybrid hard drives with similar storage capacity because it is pegged on the capacity of the SSDs, so the higher the capacity, the more you’ll have to pay for it.

Before we let you in on the 6 largest SSDs you can buy, it’s important to understand the capacity issue so that you can make an informed decision over which one to buy, vis-à-vis your PC or laptop.

This post was written by Milan Stanojevic and was first posted to WindowsReport

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