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The best tech finds under $100 to get before the holidays

Shopping at this time of year is always tricky: you want to impress, but you can’t spend a fortune.

Enter our affordable gift guide. Here are nine great gadgets that will delight friends and family, priced at $100 or less for a limited time.

TREBLAB Z2 Bluetooth 5.0 Noise-Cancelling Headphones

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These Amazon’s Choice headphones deliver exceptional performance for a very reasonable price. They feature aptX audio, T-Quiet

active noise cancellation, and 35 hours of battery life on a full charge.Source: Stack Commerce

Get the TREBLAB Z2 wireless headphones for $78.99 (reg. $259), a saving of 69%.

Altec Lansing ALT-500 Turntable

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Combining classic vinyl and modern technology, the ALT-500 turntable makes a great gift for any music lover. It offers Bluetooth connectivity for hooking up to modern speakers, or you can go old school with the RCA audio outputs.

Get the Altec Lansing ALT-500 Turntable for $74.95 (reg. $150), a saving of 50%.

Nix Mini Color Sensor V2

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Know a designer or someone who is redecorating? With this pocket-sized gadget, they will be able to collect color inspiration from the real world. It works on pretty much any surface, finding a paint to match any color.

Get the Nix Mini Color Sensor V2 for $83.95 (reg. $99), a saving of 15%.

Actigun: Percussion Massager

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Delivering between 1200 to 3300 percussions per minute, this massager helps to relieve hurting muscles and speed up recovery after workouts. With massage heads included, you can target every major muscle group in the body.

Get the Actigun for $69.99 (reg. $199), a saving of 65%.

LampPlus: 3-in-1 Lamp, Phone Charger & Clock With Thermostat

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This versatile desk lamp kicks out 400 lumens, with a choice of warm or cool tones via the touch-sensitive base. The base also contains a wireless charger for your phone, a clock, and a thermometer.

Get the 3-in-1 LampPlus for $59.95 (reg. $129), a saving of 53%.

BLENDi Pro 18oz Portable Blender

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As featured on Mashable and CNN, this portable blender spins at 25,000 rpm on battery power. BLENDi Pro has a detachable base, meaning you can convert the blender into a drinking bottle — perfect for that person who is into juicing.

Get the BLENDi Pro for $69.99 (reg. $90), a saving of 22%.

TimeFlip2 Interactive Time Tracker

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“A simple time tracker to help boost your productivity” — that is TimeFlip2 in the words of Digital Trends. Whenever you change activity, you simply flip the shape. The companion app then tracks your time automatically.

Get the TimeFlip2 Interactive Time Tracker for $66.99 (reg. $99), a saving of 32%.

OMNIA Portable UVC Air Sterilizer Lamp

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By filling the room with UVC light, the OMNIA sterilizer lamp kills 99.99% of germs in your home. It rotates through 360 degrees for full coverage, and you can use it in handheld mode to sterilize your phone, your keys, and other small objects.

Get the OMNIA Portable UVC Air Sterilizer Lamp for $59.99 (reg. $69), a saving of 13%.

Google WiFi Router

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Described by CNET as, “The best way to blanket your entire home with Wi-Fi,” this router is great for anyone who likes staying connected. It works on a mesh system, providing up to 1,200MBps with 1,500sq.ft coverage.

Get the Google WiFi Router for $84.99 (reg. $129), a saving of 34%.

Prices subject to change 

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