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The Best Registry Cleaner for your Windows 10 Computer.

The Best Registry Cleaner for your Windows Computer post thumbnail

Windows 10 is a very good operating system for computers. The program choice available to you, when you use Windows operating system, surpasses all others. You might argue.

Because Google Chromebook uses Android apps, then they have many more programs than Windows. But the fact is, programs developed for Windows has far more features than programs developed for smartphone operating systems (such as Android and iOS) which can be used on a computer.

The problem

As Windows 10 allows you to use as many programs you so desire, and as your PC can carry, things can get a little messy if you over do it.

This is because all apps, including Windows built-in programs, and third-party programs you install share a common information storage database known as Registry.

The Windows 10 Registry

Registry is a database in Windows 10 that holds all the vital information needed to make a program run smoothly. For example.

All document creation programs (such as Word Processors, Graphic programs and others) saves your newly created files in the documents folder, by default. Except if you change the default for each program. And when you do decide to change it, the new default saving path will be communicated to Windows through the Registry.

Hence, we can say that the Registry serves as an intermediary between the programs in your computer and Windows. And thus, Windows rely on the information in the Registry so as to function properly

Why the Registry Needs to be Cleaned

If you are the type that like trying out multiple programs that is design to do the same thing, it can cause problem for your Registry. For, there will be multiple saved customization settings for a single feature. Take for example.

You have installed 3 word processor (MS Word, LibreOffice Writer, Word Perfect), and you chose 3 default saving path for them. In the Registry, you will now have 3 different default saving path for 1 feature (Word processor).

Now, this is me, putting it in a simple way so you can understand it. When it comes to coding, things can get a lot messy pretty fast.

Apart from that is the fact that, some programs do not want to leave your computer, so even if you have uninstalled them, they will still leave some residual files and saved settings in the Registry. This can cause errors especially if you uninstall the program because you want to install another one that is not compatible with them.

Also, computer malware such as virus and trojan can muddle up the Registry so they can work undetected or, impersonate other legitimate programs.

The Registry is not Perfect

While many of the causes of Registry error is because of the programs installed in your computer. It is noteworthy to also point out the fact that, no computer program is perfect. Not even the Registry.

So, sometimes, the programs you installed is not the one causing you to have errors.

In any case, keeping the Registry of your Windows 10 computer clean, ensure that you experience minimal errors. And that is where Registry cleaner tools comes in.

Note however that most Registry cleaners are not PC maintenance tools, hence are not designed to speed up or optimize a computer. Registry cleaners are there only to help fix Registry errors (if there ever is).

What to do Before you Run a Registry Cleaner Tool on your Windows 10 Computer

Always Backup the current state of the Registry.

You do this by creating a System Restore Point or a full System Image backup.

Please always remember to backup, because like I said, no computer program is perfect, not even the ones that is designed to clean out the imperfection of another (namely, Registry Cleaner).

The best Registry Cleaner for your Windows 10 Computer


Restoro Registry cleaner thumbnail

Restoro is an all in one utility tool. It does not just help keep your Windows 10 computer Registry clean, it fixes errors that causes computers to freeze and also the popular Blue Screens of death.

Restoro, restores damaged or lost Windows files, DLL files, and it can be used as an Anti-virus, a Hardware repairer tool and an online security tool. For Restoro is able to detect malicious websites and block them.

It trusted by over 1 hundred million Windows users. So, can too.


CCleaner Windows cleaning tool thumbnail

As the name implies, CCleaner is purely a cleaner tool. So, it does the job to cleaning up Windows Registry very well.

An added advantage of the CCleaner tool is that it automatically backup your Registry before doing any clean up action on it. So, you can restore your Windows Registry if the current state after the cleanup is causing more issues.

Apart from fixing the errors in the Registry and removing Registry values that are still pointing to a file or program that do not exist, CCleaner comes with a tool that when used to uninstall a program, it makes sure that the program does not leave a residual file.

CCleaner is being downloaded 5 million times each week, and as of now, it has over 2.5 billion downloads.

iolo System Mechanic

iolo System Mechanic Windows 10 Registry clear thumbnail

iolo System Mechanic is a PC booster tool that has the capability of cleaning, repairing and optimizing your Windows computer Registry.

This tool is great because it optimizes your PC startup time, clears junk files, and it also improve your CPU speed.

By storing data to the hard disk in contiguous batches rather than in real-time, iolo reduces the read/write process, and as such increases the drive speed of your computer.

JV16 PowerTools

JV16 PowerTools thumbnail

This is a completely maintenance optimization toolkit that is both lightweight, and have the option to clean your Windows Registry.

It cleans your Registry very fast, and the user interface is very simple.

JV16 PowerTools has an error log which provide details about an error it is fixing. This error log which is generated after each scan be save and even printed.

Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare Windows Registry cleaner

Advanced SystemCare is a tool that not only clean your Windows Registry, but also comes with a lot of tools will enable you make your computer fast and secure.

Even though the features in Advanced SystemCare can be overwhelming, the clean user interface ensures that beginners and those who are not yet tech-savvy but whose still wants to keep their computer secure will be able to use it conveniently.

Advanced SystemCare can also be used to increase internet speed, for with just one click, you will be able to browse at the maximum network bandwidth of your internet service provider (ISP).

Other Great Registry Cleaners for Windows 10

Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Auslogics Registry Cleaner Windows 10 Registry cleaner thumbnail

Registry Repair (Glarysoft)

Registry Repair (Glarysoft) Registry Cleaner thumbnail

SysTweek RegClean Pro

SysTweek RegClean Pro Windows Registry thumbnail

Registry Life

Registry Life Windows 10 Registry cleaner thumbnail

Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner thumbnail


JetClean Windows Registry Cleaner thumbnail

DefenceByte Computer Optimizer

DefenceByte Computer Optimizer Registry cleaner thumbnail


EasyCleaner Windows Registry Cleaner thumbnail

AML Cleaner

AML Cleaner thumbnail

Argente Registry Cleaner

Argente Registry Cleaner thumbnail

Pointstone Registry Cleaner

Pointstone Registry Cleaner thumbnail



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