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TFW meaning and Usage.

TFW meaning and Usage post thumbnail
TFW meaning and Usage post thumbnail
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So, you have come across the word TFW but you do not know what it means. Or, probably, you do know what it means, but you do not know how to use it. Well, in any case, this article is here to guide you.

The meaning of TFW

This acronym TFW or tfw is popularly used to mean, That feeling when.

However, it can also mean:

  • That feel when
  • The feel when
  • That face when

It is mostly used not in spoken conversations, but in written online chats or status updates.

How to use TFW.

No matter what you -the reader- interprets as the meaning of TFW, you should know that, the tfw acronym is mostly used in connection with a situation which you can relate with. For example: TFW you solve a math problem in class.

While it can be used in a phrase, it is mostly used in connection with a gif, image or meme, that actually shows the emotion that you are trying to convey.

Should you be Interested in the TFW Acronym?

Curiosity, that is, just wanting to be in the know, to me are good reasons to want to know more about anything, including this acronym –tfw.

In any case, you should know that the usage of the tfw acronym has seen steady increase. Thus, if a friend or family member have not used it when chatting with you online, then you should be expecting to see it soon.

So, knowing what TFW means, and also the principle of how it is being used now, will be a conversion saver when you come across it later on.

Anyway, I do believe that no knowledge is a waste.

Usage Examples

Below is a link to a Twitter and Facebook feed, where you will see numerous examples of how real people are using the tfw acronym in their online public post.

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