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Tag: windows 10 errors

Fix for Denuvo Driver Error Code 2148204812.

I explain the 5 options you have for fixing the Denuvo driver error code 2148204812 which is preventing you from opening a game or program.

Best Fix for the SrtTrail.txt Error in Windows 10

The SrtTrail.txt error is a BSOD error you should not dread, because you can fix it easily using either of the guides outlined in this post.

Fix fast_eresource_precondition_violation error in Windows 10

Here are the best easy ways to fix the fast_eresource_precondition_violation error which you are experiencing in your Windows 10 computer.

FIX: Unhandled exception error in Windows 10

Below are a few methods that you can use to get things working again. It is important to note that these instructions are designed for Windows 10 users. How do I fix the Windows 10 unhandled exception errors? 1. Run a virus scan Press the Windows Key + I to open the Settings app. Go to the Update &…
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How to fix Airplane mode errors in Windows 10

Keep in mind that you’ll need to restart your PC every time after enabling an application in order to apply changes. Once you find the problematic application, it’s advised to remove it. There are several ways to do that, but if you want to completely remove the application, including all of its files and registry…
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FIX: Video tdr failure nvlddmkm.sys on Windows 10

2: Check for updates for the drivers of your graphics card Press Windows key + R for Run, and type in dxdiag in the search box. Press Enter, navigate to the Display tab, and verify details about your GPU. Navigate to the System tab and verify details about your operating system. Visit the NVIDIA website…
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[Fixed] lenovobatterygaugepackage.dll is missing or not found

Read the next section and learn how to solve the issues with the LenovoBatteryGaugePackage.dll on your PC. How can I fix LenovoBatteryGaugePackage.dll is missing error? 1. Restore the DLL file Most of the time, the DLL-related errors can be resolved if you use specialized software. DLLs and registries are valuable data libraries that Windows uses…
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How to fix downloader.dll is missing/not found error

What is downloader.dll used for? Downloader.dll is associated with various applications, and in case you have any issues with this file, those applications won’t be able to run. However, there’s a way to fix this issue, and if downloader.dll is missing on your PC, just use one of our solutions to fix it. How can…
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FIX: Windows 10 is stuck on the Welcome screen

3 .Check your hardware According to users, sometimes this issue can occur due to faulty hardware such as a faulty internal SD card. To fix it, users had to disconnect the problematic device from the motherboard. This solution might require you to open your computer case, so if your PC is still under warranty or if…
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Fix Automatic Repair loop in Windows 10

Although it comes with fewer features than other competitors on the market, it offers just the right security level you need to stay protected in real-time, with minimum impact on running programs and apps. Vipre With this award-winning, efficient antivirus tool, you won’t see any startup issues on your device. 2. Delete the problematic file…
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