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No audio on some Twitch streams [Complete fix]

That sound issue has been more widely reported by users utilizing Twitch in browsers. How can I fix audio for Twitch streams 1. Use an alternative browser You might find you can hear the same Twitch stream fine with a different browser. Opera GX is a good alternative to Chrome that includes numerous features you…
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How to activate Twitch dark mode in browser

How can I enable Twitch dark mode in browser? 1. Use a proper browser Opera GX is a versatile and reliable browser that comes with a dark option theme incorporated that you can simply activate from settings. After doing this, the entire Twitch website will be in dark mode and, of course, you can disable…
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Twitch not loading on Chrome or Firefox [100% Solved]

And if that was not enough, Opera GX has Twitch embedded and a dedicated button on its left-side menu to start it in a second. You will also be able to get notifications when your fevorite streamers come online. Opera GX Use a fast browser, designed for gaming and streaming to keep an eye on…
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Can’t find games on Twitch? Here’s how you can fix that

As the title says. I downloaded twitch and it shows none of my games in my games tab. I ran the smart scan and it doesn’t see any and locating manual won’t find them either. Not sure what to do. The title of the thread is Twitch app not seeing any of my installed games.…
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4 best broadcasting software for Twitch [2021 Guide]

by Madalina Dinita Former Managing Editor Streaming software helps you with mobility on a live-streaming video platform like Twitch. We’ve picked out 4 examples of such tools, to help you test them. We’ve extensively covered various Twitch-related topics,  that you can check out in the Twitch section. Exclusively for this time of year, check out…
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[Solved] Twitch error 1000: The video download was canceled

Click the Customize and Control Opera button at the top left of the browser. Select the Update & Recovery option. Opera will automatically check for and download an available update. Click Relaunch now if the browser gets updated. Turn off Opera’s hardware acceleration Press the Alt + P keyboard shortcut to open Opera’s Settings tab.…
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