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Your browser is not supported for security reasons [Full Fix]

Apart from outdated and out of support browsers, this error can also occur due to third-party extension incompatibility, malware, adware infection, and corrupted browser data. In this article, we have listed a few troubleshooting steps to help you resolve Your browser is not supported for security reasons error. 1. Switch to a modern browser  If…
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SOLVED: VPN application blocked by security settings

by Milan Stanojevic Deputy Editor Last update:March 4, 2021 Having your VPN blocked by security settings means your privacy will be compromised. More so, you won’t be able to circumvent any restrictions, including geoblocking. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can restore your VPN’s functionality. Check out our guide and learn how you can…
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Something happened and your PIN isn’t available [SOLVED]

Another Pin related issue you can get into is the Windows Hello pin this option is currently unavailable error message. Also, the Pin sign in option can be greyed out or does not appear at all. Before we try to fix it, make sure that your Windows 10 is up to date. Microsoft is aware…
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How to Promote Your Business on the Tor Project.

The Tor Project community is made of millions of users that is not only large but buzzling. If you want to promote your business to them, here is what you need to do.

Ransomware Infestation is Preventable.

Though Ransomware is dangerous, it is just a malware. In this article, you will learn of 3 ways you can prevent it and what to do after your computer has contracted it.

How to Find the Real Identity of who Sent you an Email.

If you receive a spam, harassing, threatening email. or If you just want to find out the real identity of the owner of an email address, there is little or nothing you can do. I explain why, and other things in this article.

How to Lock Facebook Messenger App.

Facebook Messenger has a built-in feature that lets you lock the app, so that when someone else get your device, they will not be able to open it to view your private chat. Here is how to turn it on or off.

How to Hide your Android Device Root Status.

It is possible for you to use applications that does not work on rooted Android device on your rooted smartphone. Here is the tricks you should apply to make it work.

You Cannot Delete Your Content from the Internet Completely.

You should be careful about what you choose to post on the internet. This is because once it has landed on the internet, you cannot completely delete it. I explain further in this article.

Zero-Day Attack | All you Should Know About it.

Zero-Day attack is a virus attack that your antivirus might not be able to protect you from. Why, what you can do to prevent, and protect yourself are what I explain in this article.

Facebook has Stopped Sharing Your Data with Third-Parties.

The recent issue that made Facebook to share users information to third-party developers is not what it seems. Here are the facts.

iOS Users Were Being Spied on by LinkedIn, TikTok, Google, and Other apps.

LinkedIn, TikTok and Google aren’t the only ones spying on iOS users. I have listed the other apps and also how to protect yourself in this post.

What to do After an Online Service you Use Experience a Data Breach

Your action after a data breach can contribute to your security or make matters worst. So I have outline 6 things to do after a data breach that affects you