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How to remove Anatova ransomware from Windows 10 PCs

It’s possible to stop Anatova ransomware dead in its tracks by using Windows’ Safe mode. Follow the steps explained below to access Safe Mode and get rid of this piece of malware: Open the Start Menu Click the Power button Hold Shift on your keyboard and select Restart Go to Troubleshoot Select Advanced options Click the…
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How to remove RegretLocker ransomware on Windows 10

For example, a regular 1.jpg file would appear as 1.jpg.mouse. After the encryption process is complete, ransom notes titled How to restore files.txt are dropped into compromised folders. Moreover, users receive ransom demands for the decryption. The issue is now affecting Windows Hyper-V virtual machine as well. In this case, a virtual hard disk is…
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Ransomware Infestation is Preventable.

Though Ransomware is dangerous, it is just a malware. In this article, you will learn of 3 ways you can prevent it and what to do after your computer has contracted it.