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Lagos, Nigeria

Tag: Poem

Part Three – Storytelling the Book of Proverbs

Babe, I’m hungry o. Hungry ke? You just ate less than an hour ago. At this rate you will need new trousers cos of your expanding waistline. “I am sha hungry, and after the meal, me and you have unfinished business in ze oza room,” I said winking at her. “Haaa, no be me and…
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Never fall in love with a poet…

Thomas Hawkins outline some of the problem that being a poet will pose to a relationship. So if you admire a poet read this before you start crushing on him

For Closet Poets: How to Claim Your Creative Identity.

Poet Ami Mattison explain how you can break free from closet poetry so that you will be able formally and publicly claim the identity and embraced the full significance of poetry and creative process.


There are soo many this that will soon be made possible with the end of Corona Virus. Poet Solutionist Clementina masterfully mention them all.

Why you should engage and connect this COVID-19 Season

By the time COVID 19 crisis is over, businesses will push out marketing campaigns like we’ve never seen before. There will be so much marketing, that the glut of information will leave people confused. And when confused, people stick to what they already know or take no action. So what should you do now? Learn more in this poem by Olimide Holloway

Part Two – Storytelling the Book of Proverbs

She: Quitting your job was a bad decision; this crisis of COVID-19 has now made it worse. We are heading for rock bottom. He: Rock bottom? Is that not a good place to start? She: How is that one a good place to start? He: At rock bottom, we can sink no further and that…
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A Problem with Rudy | Donal Mahoney

Source: Best Poetry Online. Rudy in his wheelchair gets around pretty good. He has a good job and transportation via a special van. He shops at local stores andeveryone is nice except at the drug store where the clerk seems tohave a problem with Rudy. Rudy has noticed the clerk is always nice to people…
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Ceiling Fan | by d.knape

A ceiling fan gives out relief A kindness we receive, for under it we always get soft light and gentle breeze. When heat arrives humidity thrives too hot to be believed, but stuffiness is laid to rest by coolness we receive As blades spin round comfort is found no reason to despair, our happiness is…
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Yi Sang’s House – by Don Mee Choi

In December of 2016, I was able to spend a month in Seoul on a translation residency funded by the Literature Translation Institute of Korea. I stayed in downtown Seoul, next to the Gwanghwamun Square and the beautiful Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung palaces I used to run around in with my siblings when I was a…
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Part One – Storytelling the Book of Proverbs

“It’s easy money, truckload of top quality loot,” he said and winked at me.The other guys nodded in agreement. They had been drinking long before I got to the bar. I was still on my first bottle.“What do we have to do?” I asked.“We will do the hard part of ambushing them on their way…
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