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Tag: Microsoft Windows Defender

Fix LSASS.exe High CPU Usage Issue.

The lsass.exe high CPU usage issue can destroy your computer’s battery lifespan and motherboard. So, here are the 3 best ways to fix it.

Guides to Disabling Windows Security (Windows Defender)

Windows Security is Windows 10 default antivirus program. If you do not like it, you can disable it using this simple guides.

Quick fix: Windows Defender update error 0x8050800c

If you can’t install Windows Updated due to errors, we recommend you to check our dedicated guide and easily fix this problem. 3. Make sure you’re not running a third-party antivirus It is possible that you’ve installed another antivirus program on your computer. If such is the case, this may explain why you can’t update…
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Windows Defender not working [FULL FIX]

In order to fix this, you need to check your time and date and set it to the correct value before trying to turn Windows Defender back on. We know that this might sound strange, but most of the Windows system functions are dependent on time and date, therefore an incorrect date or time could…
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FIX: Windows Defender full/offline scan issues on Windows 10

While Windows Defender is a good and free tool, there are other more reliable antivirus software that come with enhanced features. On that note, we recommend using ESET Internet Security as a very affordable, lightweight and efficient solution. Surely you’ve heard of ESET, since they are a long-established brand in the online security industry, and…
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How to disable Windows Security deceptive warning sign

At a closer look, however, the app reveals no actual issues. Moreover, the notification has a rather strange behavior. Here’s what one concerned user asks: Does double clicking the notification not work either? How can I disable the Windows Security warning sign? First of all, go to Virus & threat protection Settings. Click Manage Settings.…
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