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How To Tell if You’re Using Universal Apps or Not With Apple’s – Technipages

At WWDC ’20, Apple shocked the world and officially announced the transition from Intel. This had been rumored for years, but the time finally came for the company to begin using its own processor in the Mac. Known as the M1, this is ushering a new wave of power, speed, and efficiency that has to…
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Troubleshooting iTunes Error 9039 – Technipages

Getting error code 9039 on iTunes? Irrespective of the action that triggered this error, you can use the solutions below to fix it. Error 9030 usually pops up when you’re trying to login to iTunes on your Mac or Windows computer. It can also occur when you’re trying to sync your Apple Music library or…
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How to Create a VPN on Mac – Technipages

If your VPN provider doesn’t offer a macOS VPN client, you may still be able to configure a VPN through a configuration file or a manual configuration. Your VPN provider needs to support this option for it to work; however, it needs to provide you with the connection details to be used. The VPN protocols…
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How Will the Switch From Intel to Arm Cpus Affect Mac Users? – Technipages

Apple has decided to switch from using Intel CPUs to power its computers to using its own custom ARM-based CPUs that it’s calling “Apple silicon”. Apple has been designing its own mobile CPUs for years but this change from Intel to ARM has a potentially big issue that most consumers probably won’t be aware of. Thankfully for…
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Wiping Your Mac Hard Drive – Technipages

How do I wipe my Mac hard drive before selling it? This is one of the most frequently asked Mac questions. You might not know whether or not you should format your hard drive and install another OS version. If you have your MacBook and you’re thinking of giving it away or disposing of, follow…
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Here is how to get iPhone iOS 14 from Apple Before September.

If you are interested in being the first to try out the new features coming to iPhones using iOS 14, before everyone can in September, then this article explain what you need to do.

Apple is Dumping Intel CPU from Their Mac Computers.

Why do Apple no longer want to use Intel CPU to power their Mac computers? And how will this move affect Mac users and app developers? This post provide the answer.