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Great Dynamic Island Wallpapers for iPhones

While the Dynamic Island is a cool feature on it’s own, below are amazing wallpapers that will make this pill-shaped status bar of your iPhone even cooler.

Android: Can’t Send Text Message to One Person – Technipages

A common problem for any Android user may be that they cannot send a text message to a single person. They can send and receive text messages from others, but for some reason, messages sent to this one person just aren’t getting through. Here is a list of things to check to troubleshoot this issue.…
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What Are Telegram Channels and How to Search for Them – Technipages

For those times when you have something to say, you can use Telegram channels. They allow you to get your message across to a large number of people, and there are no limits to the number of subscribers you can have. What is Telegram Channels? Telegram channels are tools you can use to send messages…
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10 Best Fashion Dress Up Games For Free (Android & iOS)

If you have kids, or siblings that are girls, this post concerning the 10 best free fashion dress up games for Android and iOS phones will help you make a good choice of the most entertaining girls games for mobile devices. The fashion game for girls is also a make up game, it allows kids…
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Fix Screen Recording Failed to Save Due to 5823 – Technipages

Error code 5823 is specific to iPhone and iPad devices. It occurs when users try to save their screen recordings. The bad news is that error 5823 affects all the video meeting apps out there. If you’re working from home, getting error 5823  on Zoom can ruin your day. Let’s see what’s causing this error…
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WhatsApp Self-Destructing Messages: What You Need to Know – Technipages

The WhatsApp self-destructing messages feature was something all users were waiting for. But, when it finally arrived, something was missing: Options. The only option when choosing how long those messages lasted was one week, unlike Telegram, which gives their users a lot more options when it comes to timing. But, are you sure you know…
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Fix: Cannot Delete Junk Mail on iPhone – Technipages

Everybody hates junk mail. But unsolicited emails seem to always find a way to sneak into the inbox. Whenever you notice you got a new spam email, delete it without even bothering to open it. Why waste precious seconds of your time opening an email you never requested? Not to mention that hackers often use…
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Troubleshooting iPhone Yellow Tint – Technipages

Your iPhone’s screen may sometimes appear a bit yellow-ish. In rare cases, the screen can turn downright yellow. Unfortunately, even the latest iPhone models (iPhone 12 at the time of writing) are affected by the same problem. The good news is that you’ve got nothing to worry about. Your iPhone is not broken. You just…
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Can You Use Pixel Buds With iPhone? – Technipages

On the Apple side of the world, there are a few great options to choose from when it comes to truly-wireless headphones. First, you have the standard AirPods, with the AirPods Pro providing things like Active Noise Cancellation and a unique design. Apple even upped the ante with the recently-announced AirPods Max for those who…
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Fix iPhone Backup Session Failed on Windows 10 – Technipages

Backing up your iPhone is crucial if you want to avoid accidental data loss. If you lose or severely damage your iOS device, you’ll be able to restore the data using the backup folder. Basically, that’s a copy of the information stored on your device. There are two main ways to backup your iPhone: via…
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iPadOS 14.1 – How to Add or Remove a Gmail Account – Technipages

You created a new Gmail account a while back, but you just haven’t had time to add it to a specific device. You may have thought that the process was going to take longer than you’d like and always procrastinated. The process to add or remove a Gmail account on your iPad is just as…
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How Will the Switch From Intel to Arm Cpus Affect Mac Users? – Technipages

Apple has decided to switch from using Intel CPUs to power its computers to using its own custom ARM-based CPUs that it’s calling “Apple silicon”. Apple has been designing its own mobile CPUs for years but this change from Intel to ARM has a potentially big issue that most consumers probably won’t be aware of. Thankfully for…
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Zoom: How to Put/Remove Someone from the Waiting Rooms – Technipages

Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing apps out there. When you were told a meeting would be held by video conferencing, it was usually by Zoom. All that popularity didn’t go unnoticed, and those that only want to cause chaos were responsible for things such as ZoomBombing. If you didn’t suffer that,…
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iPadOS 14 – How to Add/Remove a Site from Your Reading List – Technipages

You’re in line at the post office, and there are only a few people in front of you, but you still go online to see if you come across anything interesting. You find an article you want to read, but you might not have enough time to read it. What you can do in that…
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Addictive Battle Royale Games For iOS, Android (October 2020)

Battle Royale Games, the most interesting and addictive category of mobile games for Android and iOS. Such games are now known around the world, it is popular and gamers pay a lot of money to purchase weapons or skills. Battle Royale Games are known for its a multiplayer mode which is fun, it allows you…
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How to Clear an app Cache on Android and iOS Smartphone.

Many problem that a user experience with an app is not because the app has a bug that needs to be fixed by the developer, it is mostly because of a messed up app cache. Here is how to clear such messed up app cache from your Android and iOS smartphone.

Stopping Tinder app from Freezing or Crashing on your Device.

When Tinder freezes or crashes, it can be frustrating. But do not panic, here are 5 solutions that will stop Tinder app from freezing or crashing on your Android or iOS device again.

Here is how to get iPhone iOS 14 from Apple Before September.

If you are interested in being the first to try out the new features coming to iPhones using iOS 14, before everyone can in September, then this article explain what you need to do.

The new iOS14 for iPhone is one you Will Love.

Do you want to be able to turn on your car using iPhone? or use an app without installing it? Then, you need iOS 14. This post contains other amazing features of iOS 14 and the release date.