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Google mobile services are down, impacting users worldwide

Google apps triggered error messages on Android devices According to, Google services have been experiencing outages these past hours, all of which were experienced on the mobile apps. According to user feedback, whenever they tried accessing a Google app, they were met with the following error messages: User reports brought the issue to Google’s…
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Can only access Google sites? 4 solutions to fix this

The computer is saying I’m connected to the internet, but only is working on both IE and Chrome. On other websites I’m getting the message ‘This page can’t be displayed”. If you’re limited to google search site only, check out some of the fixes below. Quick Tip: First, try opening pages in another web…
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How to use Google translate offline [PC Guide]

How can I use Google Translate offline? 1. Use Android emulator LDPlayer is a powerful Android emulator that is intended for gaming, but it can also work with a wide array of Android apps, including Google Translate. Once you install this software, you just need to visit the Play Store and download Google Translate just…
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Google services are down, including Gmail, Drive and YouTube

Google services are experiencing a total failure According to DownDetector, the service disruption have barely begun less than an hour ago, but the number of reports have easily exceeded 2000 already. Of course, not only Google is down, but its services are as well, including Google Drive and Gmail. Those using Google Drive are met…
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Shortcuts to the Legitimate Web (

.new is a domain extension that enable legitimate businesses build easy-to-remember shortcuts to their products menus and long URLs. curate all these shortcuts. Learn more in this post.

Best Indie Game Announced (Google Play Indie Game Festival 2020 Winners)

Among the millions of games available in Google Play store, Google has decided to bring out their money in order to support 9 developers because their game won the Indie Game Festival 2020. Discover what these 9 games have to offer in this post.

If you Love Tablets, then go for Chromebook Laptops.

There are at least 7 advantage of Chromebook over regular laptops. discover them, and how to shop for Chromebook legitimately in this article of mine.

iOS Users Were Being Spied on by LinkedIn, TikTok, Google, and Other apps.

LinkedIn, TikTok and Google aren’t the only ones spying on iOS users. I have listed the other apps and also how to protect yourself in this post.