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Fix the STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error in Google Chrome.

Here are the 6 best and easiest ways to fix the STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error you are getting on your Google Chrome browser.

How to Reset or Refresh Web Browsers.

Resetting or Refreshing your browser might be the only way to resolve the issue you are having. If you do not know how to do it, here is an easy to understand guide.

Clearing Cookies and Site Data (Cache) from Browsers.

Clearing the cookies or site data (cache) from your browser might be the only way to fix issues with a website functionality. If that is so, here is how to clear them.

Chrome is causing BSoD errors on Windows 10 [7 Tested Fixes]

Now, we’re afraid that this matter is hardly caused by Chrome on its own. The browser is probably only a trigger. Nonetheless, we have a hefty number of steps for you to try and, hopefully, address the BSoDs for good. How to fix BSoD caused by Chrome on Windows 10 Disable Hardware Acceleration Try a…
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Fix: Google Chrome critical error red screen [2021 Guide]

There was a dangerous try to get an access to your personal information & bank information. Luckily, your Firewall managed to block this suspicious connection.We recommend you to freeze your accounts until some measures will be taken… Contact number + 1 (888) 563-5234 (TOLL-FREE). Your urgent response is needed. Is Google Chrome critical error legitimate?…
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FIX: VPN not working with Google Chrome

by Aleksandar Ognjanovic Troubleshooting Expert Last update:March 1, 2021 Google Chrome is probably the most popular browser on the globe today. Using a VPN can easily improve your Chrome web browsing experience. However, sometimes the VPN may refuse to work with Google Chrome. If your VPN doesn’t get along with Chrome, then our guide is…
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Restore Chrome browsing history that disappeared

Some troubled users shared their concerns. I am always logged into my Google account, whatever one of my devices I am using.  Google records my chrome browsing history and this is very useful when switching from one device to another.Except today, when I logged into my account on Chrome to discover my browsing history does…
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Webpage might be temporarily down or it may have moved [Fix]

If removing the antivirus fixes the problem, you might want to try switching to different antivirus software. There are many great antivirus tools on the market, but if you want maximum protection that won’t interfere with your operating system, be sure to try Bitdefender Antivirus Plus. The webpage might be temporarily down or it may…
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ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED: connection was interrupted [Full Fix]

You just have to activate each of them or pin particular icons to the sidebars for easy access. This guarantees a faster response time and almost zero errors. Opera is a great browser, and if you’re getting Your connection was interrupted error, switch to Opera and check if the error is still there. Opera Try…
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The best Chrome extensions to help you stop procrastinating

by Madalina Dinita Former Managing Editor If you want to stop wasting time and focus on your tasks, rely on the best Chrome extension to stop procrastinating. These browser apps come with features that can keep you away from your social-media or favorite sites. Plan your schedule better with time management extensions that keep you…
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Is your LastPass Chrome extension not working? Try these steps

They have a LastPass vault and login, but the plug-in is needed to make the vault interact with both username and password boxes. Others think they created a LastPass account and installed the web browser extension. In spite of that, the LastPass icon doesn’t show in their web browser toolbar. So it seems that the…
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Avoid using Chrome on Windows 10 before it gets patched

According to the release notes: Google is aware of reports that an exploit for CVE-2020-16009 exists in the wild. How is the Chrome browser impacted? As mentioned, one of the patches refers to Inappropriate implementation in V8, for CVE-2020-16009. (V8 s a Chrome engine handling the JavaScript code.) This comes only a few days after…
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FIX: Error loading this resource in Chrome [Best solutions]

How can I fix Error loading this resource in Chrome? 1. Try using a different browser Before you start fixing this issue, it’s important to check if this issue appears in other web browsers. You can use any browser for this purpose, but we recommend using Opera. Opera is built on the Chromium engine, and…
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How to Download Facebook Story Videos and Pictures.

Do you know you can save a picture or video your friend uploaded on their Facebook Story? I will teach you how to do it if you read this post.

This is how to Hack Cookie Clicker | (Cookie Clicker Cheats)

In this post, I will teach you how to hack and also give you cheats you can apply so that accomplishing the Achievements of the Cookie Clicker game will not be frustrating and hard.

How to Block Websites on Google Chrome | BlockSite Guide.

If you want to block your access to certain websites, here is a tool that will help you do that easily on Google Chrome desktop browser and on any mobile browser.

How to Enable Live Caption on Chrome Canary.

With the Google Chrome Canary browser, you do not need a hearing aid, because you can read the transcript of any video or podcast. Here is how to enable it (the Live Caption feature).

Make Chrome Browser Faster | Disable Resource-Intensive Extensions

Chrome is a fairly fast browser until you start installing Extensions. If you notice an Extension is resource-intensive and is causing Chrome to lag, here are 2 ways to fix it.

If you Love Tablets, then go for Chromebook Laptops.

There are at least 7 advantage of Chromebook over regular laptops. discover them, and how to shop for Chromebook legitimately in this article of mine.

How to Save your Logins Details and Passwords with Browsers.

If you easily forgets your login details and password, you can use your browsers to save them. In this article, I explain how to save and access passwords in browsers.