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Tag: game fix

Fix Locked Heroes Bug in Overwatch 2.

If some of the Heroes/characters in your Overwatch 2 is locked, and you are not a new player, here is how to fix it.

Fix the Apex Legends 0x887a0006 Dxgi Error.

I have outlined the easiest but most effective ways to fix the Apex Legends 0x887a0006 Dxgi Error in this article.

FIX: Biggest War Thunder Problems [Full Guide]

⇒ Get BitDefender 2. Fix War Thunder crashes If your War Thunder keeps crashing, there are lots of reasons that could cause it. Make sure you follow our solutions below to quickly fix them. Most of these can have to do with the game’s compatibility and starting parameteres, or the OpenGL which is a rendering…
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How to fix the Minecraft error

When that issue arises, Minecraft can’t connect with the server. How do I fix the error? 1. Reset Router Resetting the router is a more straightforward resolution that might fix the io.netty channel error for some players. You can do that by turning the router off and unplugging it. Then plug the router back…
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FIX: createdxgifactory2 could not be located

by Matthew Adams Windows & Software Expert Last update:March 4, 2021 Steam games are prone to encountering graphics-related issues, especially caused by DLLs and drivers. For example, createdxgifactory2 issues are quite frequent, especially with games like CS: GO. Many users reported that fixing their registries got rid of this issue. Others suggested that rolling back…
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New Valheim mod fixes network crashes after the latest patch

The Remove network overload mod does exactly that since the latest game patch sends any new in-game information over the network instantly instead of a one-time. This is what a gamers noticed after installing last week’s Valheim patch: Prior to 0.146.11, I was able to host a dedicated server just fine. However, after the patch,…
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How to reduce/eliminate screen shake in Valheim

Some games have a way to disable/reduce screen shake. I get awful headaches playing survival games where the screen shakes every time I harvest a resource. Is there a way to reduce this in the game yet? I saw nothing obvious but sometimes people have some easy hacks like changing a value on an INI…
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Valheim crashing on the loading screen? Here’s how to fix it

Hello, every time I start up valheim my game crashes when I try to join a new world and it says “valheim.exe has stopped working”. Has anyone else had issues with this? I cannot find much because the game in brand new. i also don’t want to refund because it genuinely looks amazing but I…
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How to install the Valheim Plus mod on Windows 10

Among notable improvements are the ability to easily modify your character’s carry weight, food duration, and stamina usage. You can customize your character’s strength and constitution under a different name. The mod also adds easier map sharing between players in co-op. How can I install the Valheim Plus mod? Download the mod from Nexus Mods.…
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How to get rid of the black tinted screen in Valheim

It’s also the case with colored-tinted screens (red, blue, black) recently noted by some players. According to their experiences, their screen gets colored. While this doesn’t affect the gameplay in any way, it’s still visually disturbing. The issue appears randomly when played in full-screen mode or influenced by other items in the game, as one…
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Fix the Valheim incompatible version error on Windows 10

As complicated as it sounds, this problem has a very quick solution so stay with us to learn how to fix it. How can I fix the Valheim incompatible version error? 1. Update the player’s game files Go to your Steam library on your PC. Right click on Valheim and select Properties from the list…
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What to do if the camera keeps spinning in Valheim

As soon as I enter the world, the camera rotates to face the sky and just keeps spinning slowly. I can fight it with the mouse, but can’t get it to stop if I let go.  Just like the other game issues, this one too has been acknowledged by the developers, with a promise for…
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How to fix critical error in League of Legends

If you’re getting a similar League of Legends critical error, check out some of these potential resolutions for it. How do I fix the League of Legends critical error? 1. Delete the Logs and Config Folders Deleting the Logs and Config folders is one of the more widely confirmed fixes for the League of Legends…
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FIX: Unable to download patch files in FFXIV

How can I fix the FFXIV patch files error? 3. Connect to a VPN Server Some users have fixed the Unable to download patch files error by utilizing a VPN when downloading. We recommend Private Internet Access (PIA) for a few reasons: Easy install Instant access to hundreds of servers all over the world Unlock…
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