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5 best Windows 10 email clients & 3 best apps to use

by Madalina Dinita Former Managing Editor There are many email clients on the market, and it can be overwhelming to figure out which one to go for. This list will help you sort out the top email clients for Windows 10. If you are also interested in backing up your emails, we highly recommend these…
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How to hide IP address when sending emails (5 solutions)

Still, if you’re not yet ready to commit to a premium VPN solution, it’s a good idea to use a proxy tool to hide your IP address when sending emails. Besides, you can easily add proxy settings to any web browser in order to reroute your entire browser traffic. Keep in mind that you might…
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Email Service That does not Require a Phone Number.

Do you not have a phone number, or a device that can receive SMS, but still want an email account? In this article, I outline 3 email service providers that will not ask you for a phone number.

How to Find the Real Identity of who Sent you an Email.

If you receive a spam, harassing, threatening email. or If you just want to find out the real identity of the owner of an email address, there is little or nothing you can do. I explain why, and other things in this article.

Can I Get Back My Mails if I Reactivated a Deleted Email Account?

You might not be able to get the mails from a previously deactivated or deleted mail. So before you press the delete button, do these first.