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How to increase CPU fan speed in Windows 10

Now, there are various ways to avoid that (extra cooling fans is probably the best of those), and today we’ll show you one that’s rather important – how to increase the speed of the CPU fan. This is the first line of defense, and even though your motherboard controls the CPU fan’s speed, sometimes it’s…
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My CPU fan is not running: 4 quick ways to fix it

If you’re dealing with a particular issue involving your processor fan, whereas your computer starts normally but the CPU fan does not, we can help you out. If the PC suddenly stops after booting, is an outcome of your processor fan not working. So, as you can see, this is a major issue that you…
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5 best CPU and motherboard combos to buy [Black Friday 2020]

by Madalina Dinita Former Managing Editor Those of you that are trying to build a PC on a tight budget probably realized by now that one of the most expensive parts of a PC is the CPU. That is why some manufacturers have decided to produce motherboards that already have CPUs included. However, such combos…
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5 Best CPUs for RX 570: 4GB / 8GB [Black Friday 2020]

Uses LGA1200 socket and 400 Series chipset 8 cores and 12 threads 16MB cache 3.8GHz base clock, can go up to 5GHz 125W TDP Intel Core i7-10700KF is another CPU from Intel, but this processor is compatible with the latest LGA1200 socket and 400 Series chipsets. Base speed is 3.8GHz but thanks to the Turbo…
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AMD Ryzen 9 deals on Black Friday 2020 [3900x, 3950x]

Wraith Prism LED Cooler included 12 cores, 24 threads 4.6 GHz max boost, unlocked for overclocking DDR 3200 memory support The provided cooler is not so great for overclocking AMD’s Ryzen 9 3900X is probably the best price/ performance choice if you’re going for a 9 series CPU and you can still build a pretty…
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Microsoft released a patch for slow CPUs in Windows 10 20H2

[…] My CPU is designed to go up to 4ghz with turbo and 2.4 GHz base. For some reason when I do a forced shutdown it seems to fix the problem of the CPU not being able to reach its designed speeds. However, when I put the computer to sleep, shut it down normally, or…
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